Thursday, April 18, 2013

Potty training day 4

Once again signed in as the hubs, but this is Julie making this post.

I decided today that Spike is not ready to be potty trained.  I might be giving up, but I think he doesn't grasp the concepts enough.  I don't think he really realizes what he is supposed to do, or even that he is supposed to do anything, other than sit on the potty.

So I am going to back off a bit.  I am going to keep him in pull-ups, and try to take him to the potty when he wakes up in the morning, after each meal, and before bed at night.  This way he is continually exposed to the potty, but it isn't being foisted upon him. 

The hubs worked from home today, so I was able to get out and take a walk this morning.  It was nice to enjoy some sunshine and exercise.


Alice Wills Gold said...

I am always amazed when people can potty train early. I don't even try until my kids are three.

I am personally not a believer in pull-ups. I go straight to the thick training pants when I decide to do it.

This will be your fourth time potty training so I am sure you don't need my advice. It's good that you are going with your heart. That's all a mom can do.

Paying for diapers stinks but I think potty training is even worse.

It was nice to see you out for your walk today. It is the best to just get away and spend some time outside breathing. It always makes my days much more manageable.

Rose said...

Don't worry if you decide he's not ready. It's better to say, "Not now" and wait, then to stress out. It sounds like you've figured that out. I'm glad you got a good walk in!