Saturday, August 13, 2011

One Painful Camping Trip

So my husband really likes backpacking, and minimalist camping.  Last year he took Cinderella, on an overnight backpacking trip, with his sister.  This year he wanted to take Cinderella and Guy on one, but needed another adult to go to.  He was having a hard time finding one who was available, so I suggested that I could go with him, and we could take the babies too.

We decided to do that, and make a slight adjustment to the plan.  We would drive up on Friday afternoon after he was done with work for the day, find a spot to camp, and then clean up camp in the morning, and go on a day hike.

We got all ready, and left about 4 in the afternoon.  What we didn't know was that the area we were planning on going had established campgrounds, and by the time we got there all of the camp grounds were full, and all the areas off the paved road near them, had signs saying "No Camping except in designated areas."  After a bit of driving around we found a dirt road, and found a place where we could make camp (where it wasn't prohibited).  We got out of the car, and found that the mosquitoes were thick, you would have 10-20 land on you anytime you stopped moving, and they didn't respond to our repellent.  There was a little stream where we could get water with our filter.  (And I mean little.  It was maybe a foot across,  and more standing than moving.  I guess the mosquitoes make sense.)  We built a small camp fire, to help ward off the mosquitoes, then my husband pitched the tent.  After the tent was pitched we made dinner.  We had bought some freeze dried meals, where you just add boiling water to the bag, close the bag, wait a few minutes, and then you have food to eat.  Our pan was only big enough to do enough water for one bag at a time, and we had 2 bags.  We got the first bag going and the water heating for the second bag.  Our water was boiling surprisingly fast for our elevation, and we didn't have to wait too long.  My husband started dishing up the kids food while ours was still hydrating.  But the kids were having a hard time eating because of the mosquitoes.  So I suggested that we could go and eat in the tent, where the bugs wouldn't be so thick.  So we picked up and moved to the tent.  I grabbed the bag of food that was still hydrating, and Spike, and we walked to the tent.

I set Spike down on one side of me, and the bag over by the door.  Everyone came inside, and I started to close the door.  Aurora sat down to eat her food, and the bag that was still hydrating tipped over and spilled the boiling hot water all over Aurora's legs.  I froze, my brain said what was going on, but couldn't push to what to do, even though I know what to do.  It was really scary.  I just kept yelling, "She's burning, she's burning."  Thankfully my husband is more responsive than I am, and grabbed her and ran out of the tent to take her to the stream.  When he brought her back she was still screaming, we gave her a pacifier, and I started to take her shoe and sock off.  I could see the burn, it looked like something was all over it, so I tried to clean it, and realized that what I saw was not remnants of the food.  It was her peeling skin.  It was a 2nd degree burn.  I got her shoes and socks off, put some burn ointment on it, gave her some Tylenol and tried to bandage it loosely.  Then she, Spike and I got back in the van.   She screamed until I took the bandage off.    I entertained her and Spike, while the older 2 roasted marshmallows, and my husband broke camp.  Then we headed home.  We later discovered she had a burn on the other leg too, but not as bad.

Here is what the burns looked like this morning.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Any suggestions

OK so my first child is about to start 1st grade, which for us means it is her first year that she will have lunch at school.  I have been trying to brainstorm ideas of what to pack in her lunch.  The school is a peanut free school, which means no PB&J.  I was wondering if any of you have suggestions of what you pack for your kids, or what you think might work well in a six-year-olds lunch.  Preferably on the healthy side, but not really big on visible veggies.  

Thursday, August 4, 2011


One day, while driving on our trip, I passed some black licorice to my older 3 in the back.  We drove along for quite a while, and the next time we stopped, this is what we found.


Making Sandcastles and Runny Noses Don' t Mix

One of the differences between boys and girls

On our recent trip we experienced one of the differences between boys and girls.  As Guy was just recently potty trained (YES he is!), there were many times along the road when we heard, "I need to go potty!"  And most of those times we were surrounded by fields, bushes, dessert, etc.  So he watered the bushes.  Well, Aurora has been potty training herself as I have been working with Guy, and one day we were down at the beach, and Guy needed to go, so he walked back up to the bushes, and went.  Well Aurora followed.  Let's just say, it didn't work so nicely for her.

Guy's first time in a motel

So we drove to California last week.  We live far enough away that it took more than one day to get there.    On our first day on the road we drove until 11:00 PM, all the kids were asleep, and we needed some sleep too.  So we found a motel, and pulled in.  All of the kids except Guy woke up in the transition, from car to bed.  But before long we had them all back asleep.

The next morning, Guy got up and started walking around.  He was amazed that there was only the bedroom and the bathroom.  He asked me why they didn't have a playroom.

I am disgusted!

This morning I walked the kids to the elementary school to sign up Cinderella up for her pre-first grade reading test, and then I let the kids play on the playground.

Around the playground beer bottles and cigarette butts were scattered.  I cleaned them up, but it frustrates me that, not only are people drinking and smoking on school grounds, but they are also leaving their mess there, where children play.

People, if you want to put those kinds of things in your body, that is your choice, but please don't leave your mess around for other people to clean up, and please don't leave your mess where our kids play.