Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Does anyone read anymore?

Cinderella had her first saddening experience with school this time around.  It isn't terrible news, it could have been a lot worse.  It isn't even necessarily public school related, other than that is where the incident occurred.   It is just a little disappointing.

Cinderella came home from school yesterday and informed me that in one of her classes they were divided into groups to pick a movie and act out some scenes from it.  They would be recorded and then the whole class would watch the recordings.  Yesterday they were selecting what movie to use.   The group that Cinderella was in listed a bunch of movies.  Most of them are based off of books that Cinderella has read, but she hasn't seen the movies.  

When her group members heard she hadn't watched any of the movies, they told her she needed to go home and watch like 30 movies.  Cinderella told them that would be hard, because we don't have any PG-13 movies in our home.   The kids were shocked at this.  They were shocked that my 11 year old has never even seen an R rated movie.  Cinderella was shocked that they had. 

Cinderella then asked them "What ever happened to reading books?"  She was told "Welcome to 2016, people don't read anymore."  Cinderella's response was, "What a sad, sad existence."

-Please note this is written based on what I remember Cinderella telling me.  All may or may not have happened quite as described.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Well I've gone and done it

As part of the changes that occurred with moving we decided to consider the idea of putting the kids back into public school.

Cinderella was very excited.  She has missed some of the aspects of public school a lot.

Guy was kind of hit or miss.  Sometimes he wanted to stay home, other times he liked the idea of going back to school.

Aurora has never been to school.  She also still deals with a bit of the anxiety that she has had in the past about being separated from me.  However she has a desire to go to school, as well as some apprehension.  

Deciding to send them back to school is one of the hardest decisions I have ever made.  Even harder than choosing to homeschool them.  I now have knowledge of both sides of the equation.  I know what it is like to homeschool my children, the pluses and minuses.  I also know what it is like to send them to school, and the concerns that are to be had in that aspect.

Everyone has their opinions.  Home schoolers wonder why you would ever consider such a thing.  Public  schoolers wonder why you made the decision to homeschool in the first place.

The hubs and I have made it a matter of a lot of prayer, and felt like this was a step we need to take.  

Well today was their first day back.  It was interesting here at home.  I think this is the first time I have had only 2 kids home during the day since Aurora was born almost 7 years ago.    Spike and Scooter definitely loved the attention.   Spike wanted to play all day, and had a hard time understanding that I still had work I needed to do.  

I also  started potty training Scooter, today.   Something I think he is ready for.   He hates diaper changes.  So I think once he figures out how to recognize his cues and how that ties into the lack of diaper changes, I think we will be done with diapers.  

The hubs dropped the kids off today.  He said they just took off into the school and didn't look back.  We will see how things are when they get home in a bit.