Tuesday, September 25, 2007

E is for energetic

Which is something that I am not lately. I have been so tired. My son has been teething and even though he is handling it without much difficulty, it does wake him up in the night. I have been blessed in that he has been sleeping through the night pretty consistently since he was about a month old, so I shouldn't complain about having to get up 5 times during the night to give him back his plug. But hey this too shall pass.
My daughter is quite energetic. And she loves playgrounds. Today I was going visiting teaching, and when I got to the apartment I was visiting, there was a playground right by where I parked my car. As soon as she got out the car she ran for the playground. I had to go and retrieve her, and she wasn't too happy with me. She decided to make it hard for me to climb the stairs I guess, I was holding her hand, and she latched onto my leg with her other arm, and legs so I was carrying her up the stairs with me. It definitely gives me a work out. Then when we got home, she held my hand because we were in a parking lot, and then told me to run. She wanted to run through the parking lot. So we did. Then she wanted to run after we got into our apartment. I had to put my foot down there however.
Where do young children get all their energy. If I could keep up with her, I bet she would run all day long.
My baby turned 6 months old last week, and he can now sit up and crawl. He has been scooting around for probably 2 months. My kids just like to go. I guess kids need to have energy so that they can keep us adults moving.
So what keeps you moving? Are your kids energetic or are they more calm?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Z is for Zip-A-De-Do-Da

OK so I know I'm stretching this letter thing a little far. But you know the old Disney Song from "Song of the South", Zip--A-De-Do-Da? The song is talking about how it is a wonderful day. Well, that is how I feel about fall.
As soon as you can start feeling that fall bite in the air, and the leaves start turning colors, I feel a renewed bounce in my step. It is kind of funny, but most of the year my favorite color is a shade of blue, but in the fall it becomes pumpkin orange. I also start craving pumpkin foods. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin roll, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bars; and this year I even had a craving for pumpkin soup. The funny part about pumpkin soup, is I have never even had it. But I will probably remedy that this year.
So I'm not sure when these pumpkin cravings started I know it happened after I got married, but other than that I don't know. I also tend to crave apples more in the fall too. I think that one stems back from some childhood memories.
I love the crunch of leaves under my feet, the smells of fall, everything I can think of that is associated with fall. I just love it. It brings about a feeling of change. I don't know if that is in association with memories of school starting, or maybe because my birthday is in the fall. I just love fall.
So what is your favorite season? What do you like about it? Why do you think you like it?

Sunday, September 9, 2007

L is for learning to pick my battles

OK so today was a hard day, and by the end of the day we were all tired.
My husband made a dinner of homemade macaroni and cheese, which I thought was very good. Anyway it was served just before 7 pm, which is about 1- 1 1/2 hrs later than we usually eat. My daughter was very excited for dinner, but when she was served something that looked a lot different than the usual out of a box stuff. Well she pitched a fit. She wanted the macaroni and cheese that is "in the door" or behind the door in the pantry. When she refused to be pacified I told her that if she would eat this macaroni and cheese tomorrow we could have the one that is "in the door" for lunch. So she grudgingly ate about 2 bites, and said she was done. She was now ready for the macaroni that is "in the door". Well we decided to not give in on this one.
I could tell she was tired, and so even though it was an hour before her usual bedtime I decided to get her ready for bed. Well she got even more upset when I tried to take off her dress. I managed to get it off and the pajamas on, but they didn't stay on. I told her to stay in her room till she calmed down and left the room.
It was at this point that I realized that it had become a power struggle. And I think when it gets to this point, both parties are the looser. I wasn't happy because she was screaming, and she wasn't happy because she had to be in her PJ's. So when she came out a minuet later, still crying, I asked her what she needed. She told me the "flower dress", which was her description of the dress she was wearing today. So I had my husband get the dress out of the hamper while I tried to calm her down. We put it back on her, and she told us she was ready to "take a nap".
So we gave up our regular night time routine tonight, let her go to bed in her dress, didn't read scriptures or say prayers, or even brush teeth. But it is now about 7:40 and she is asleep. Hopefully she will stay out for the night. I think because I was willing to give in, and let her "win", this time I am a winner too.
So how do you handle power struggles. Have you learned to pick your battles, or are you still in the learning process like me?