Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lightning McQueen

You know the movie Cars? I personally don't like that movie, and it is one that we will never own, because of some language in it. However, I have a little boy who loves vehicles, and his latest hero is Lightning McQueen.

It started when his aunt gave him a Lightning McQueen car for his second birthday. He loves that car. And calls it by name.

He also loves towels. He always has. As soon as he gets out of the tub, he wants his towel on. Then he doesn't want it off, even after he is dressed. He runs around the house with a towel over his head. His towels have been the hooded baby towels. Well as he has been getting bigger, and with another baby needing the small towels, I wanted to get him some larger ones. Cinderella has 2 large hooded towels, and with his love for towels, I wanted to get him some hooded ones too, even though I know regular towels work perfectly fine.

Well our source for getting things like that is my mom who sells Avon. At the time, the towels available that I knew about were Disney Princess, Dora the Explorer, Sponge Bob, and Cars. Well I'm not a big fan of Sponge Bob (even less than Cars), so I didn't want to get him that towel. My mom, then told me that there was also a Winnie the Pooh towel. So I got him the Pooh Bear, and the Lightning McQueen. What can I say, when you have to go with characters, you pick the best available.

He LOVES his Lightning McQueen towel. I know big surprise huh?

Then there is one last thing. I am making Cinderella's room a "Princess" room. My mom had some cloth expanding buckets with Disney Princess on them available from Avon. So I got some for Cinderella. Well Guy loves them. He loves to empty them, and put his stuff in them. So I decided to get him some too. Once again, there was Sponge Bob and Cars. I was really hesitant to get this one, because I feel like I am promoting a movie to my 2 year old, that I don't really want him watching a whole lot. But I finally decided to get the buckets, because he is already a big enough fan, I don't know if one more thing is really going to make that big a difference.

Do you know why the storm went away?

Earlier today, when my children were eating lunch, Cinderella noticed some of our neighbors on their swing set. She asked if she could go out and play. I told her she couldn't right then because we were having lunch. After lunch it would be time for quiet time, but maybe when quiet time was over she could go out. I told her I that there was a storm for casted, with lightning and thunder, and if that was happening, they wouldn't be able to play outside. But otherwise they could.

She then proceeded to ask me questions about lightning and thunder. Guy added his two bit of "Lightning McQueen" (I'll explain this in another post later). I tried to answer her honestly, about how it is something that can be dangerous, if we don't follow the rules, but if we follow the rules we will be OK. Well all I succeeded in doing was scaring her of storms.

Half an hour into quiet time, she came out. I asked what she was doing, and she told me she was scared of storms. I told her it wasn't storming, and she was OK, then asked her to go and finish her quiet time.

When quiet time ended and the kids were having their snack, she asked me, "Do you know why the storm went away?"
I told her it probably blew away, because it was kind of windy. She said, "No, do you know why the storm went away?"
I asked her why, and she said, "I prayed during quiet time. Because I am scared of storms. Good idea huh? Now I can go out and play."

It is nice to see these little moments when the things we teach them, sink in.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Sorry, I'm Busy"

So this morning I was folding laundry, trying to get caught up on 2 weeks worth of clothes. My husband has been doing a good job of getting the clothes washed, but unfortunately, they have just been dumped in a pile on my couch, waiting to be folded.

Anyway, Cinderella was playing the computer, something she had been doing for the last hour or so, and I told her it was time to be done, and that I needed her to help me. She told me she was playing Kwala, and that she couldn't help me. She didn't want to do any work, just play. I told her that since I wasn't the only person in this house that wears clothes, and gets them dirty, she could help me.

She said, "sorry, I'm busy." So I went and turned off her game, and put the computer on standby. She then proceeded to scream at me, and tell me that she was never going to help me again. She then stomped across the room, picked up a folded towel of the floor, and carried it upstairs to the closet where it goes, screaming and stomping all the way. She then came back down, told me once again that she was never going to help me again, and got another towel. She shook it out so it was no longer folded. I scolded her for unfolding the towel I had folded. She then told me she was putting it away. She then took a snack break, with my permission, and then came and asked me if she could go out side and play with Guy. I asked her if she could help me a little more first, and she politely said she would, and helped me put away a good amount of the rest of the clothes. It is like dealing with a Jekyll and Hyde.

I could do with out the attitude, but hey at least she was helping. Right?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby Story

So some people have asked me to tell my story of Sleeping Beauty entering the world. Sorry I haven't shared it before. For me it seems so basic, that I didn't think to share it.

With this pregnancy, I had contractions off and on at varying degrees of strength starting back in February, when I was working on packing to move. They kept coming, off and on, so I never really knew what to expect on timing.

On the night of the 29th of April, I was having some contractions. They weren't really strong, but Sleeping Beauty was pulling the stunt of whenever a contraction would hit, she would push her head against the cervix. That part was kind of painful. My husband noticed me grimacing, and asked what the baby was telling me. I said that she wanted out.

Well that night I was having contractions on and off all night long. They weren't really strong, and they didn't really come any closer together than an hour or so apart. Well at about 3:30 or so, I woke up from my not so deep sleep, as I felt a little bit wetter than I had before. My water had broken with Cinderella, and that time it was a BIG gush. This time, I figured my water had broke, but I wasn't sure. I went to the bathroom, and yes my pants were wet, but I wasn't flowing anymore, so I wasn't sure.

I called out to my husband and told him that I thought my water had broke. So he got up, and then I called my mom, told her so she could come and be with the kids. She had a 45 min. drive, so I figured she would be about an hour. I wasn't having any contractions at the moment, so I figured I would be OK to wait, and then I wouldn't need to call anyone else for help, in the early morning.

After I called Mom, my husband offered to fix me some breakfast. I know you are technically not supposed to eat before having a baby, but I knew it could be a while, and I didn't want to be really hungry. I sat down on the bed to wait, and then Guy woke up. I sat there and talked to him for a minute, and then stood up. The second I stood up there was no doubt in my mind that my water had broken.

About this time the contractions kicked it up a notch, and I became quite glad my mom was on her way.

As soon as my mom got to our house, we left for the hospital. There they confirmed what I already knew. My water had broke. Then they put me in a labor and delivery room. I honestly don't know what time it was by this point, but I lay on the bed and dealt with contractions, while my husband read a book to me. The doctor decided to give me a little bit of pitocin to speed things up. From this point on, the contractions started getting stronger and more regular.

The nurse told me I could have the epidural as soon as I wanted one. So when the contractions started getting quite strong, I asked for one. They were still weak enough, I wasn't having too rough of a time, but I wanted it to kick in before they got much stronger. It ended up being really nice timing, because I didn't feel anything that was really bad, and by the time the contractions were strong enough for baby to come, I could feel just enough to tell they were there, and to feel the pressure to know when to push.

My husband went to get lunch right before I got to that point however. The nurse had come in, and checked me. I was at a 9, and she told me to let her know when I was feeling the pressure, to push. My husband then left to get some lunch from the cafeteria. He was just going to get it and come back up to eat. No sooner had he walked out the door, than a contraction with a lot of pressure hit. I paged the nurse and let her know. She said she would let the Dr. know. I was really hoping and praying my husband would get back in time. The nurse then started bringing in all kinds of equipment for the delivery. When my hubby walked back in the room, he was quite surprised to see the changes that had taken place. The Dr. walked it a minute or two later, and I was ready to push. After pushing through about 3 1/2 contractions, Sleeping Beauty entered the world.

It was a really easy delivery. I can't complain. And the recovery has been really smooth too. So there you have it. The story of how Sleeping Beauty was born.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Our house

OK so I know people have been asking for pictures for a while, and so now I am finally going to post them.

I had started to take this pictures on the day we moved in before we had anything in the house. My goal was to have before and after shots. Before we moved in, and after I get the rooms looking the way I want.

Unfortunately my memory card got full, and I wasn't able to get all the pictures I wanted that day. So some of these pictures I took today, after we have somethings in the rooms, but they really are still before pictures, because I haven't done any of the decorating or painting that I plan to do.

Hope you enjoy the pics.

These first pictures are the exterior of the house. I took these pictures today. They look a lot nicer than it did when we moved in, because when we moved in all the trees were still bare, and it wasn't as green. Also my husband has been doing a lot of work on the yard, while he has been home helping me, after Sleeping Beauty was born.


OK so when you walk in the front door you are in the living room.

Behind the living room is the kitchen and dinning area.
That is the main floor.
If you go up the stairs you find 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.
This first room is the girls room. This decision was made because it is the biggest of the bedrooms (other than the master.) It currently has white walls, and a dark blue ceiling. The ceiling and walls have glow in the dark circles painted on them in the pattern of some constellations.

This next room is Guys.
You can't see it very well in the picture, but in addition to the sunshine yellow walls the ceiling is a sky blue, with little white puffy clouds painted on it. Cinderella saw this room, and decided it had to be hers. Unfortunately, it was the smaller of the two rooms. But I think I will compromise a little bit, and when we paint the girls room, we may paint some clouds on her ceiling as well.

This is the master bedroom.

And here is the bathroom.

So if you go downstairs from the main floor, you find the family room, and office.

This floor also has a bathroom, and the laundry room on it.

Then there is what we consider the bonus. There is one more set of stairs. If you go down it, you find what we plan to make the library,

the (for now) guest bedroom,

and two storage rooms.

Quite the upgrade from a 3 bedroom apartment huh? We like it, and are enjoying our time here.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sleeping Beauty is finally here!

So on Thursday morning, my water broke. So we called my mom, waited until she could be here with Guy and Cinderella, and then headed to the hospital.

We got to the hospital around 6:00 then about noon, Sleeping Beauty entered the world. She weighed 7 lbs 13 ounces. One ounce less than Cinderella and two less then Guy. She was 19 in. long. About the same as both Cinderella and Guy.

One big difference between Beauty and the other two, is she hasn't given me much of a fuss about nursing. Other than when she was about a day old, when I think she was mostly just to tired to be bothered by it.

There were no complications, and we are doing great, other than being slightly overwhelmed at times by the new situation. But hey, in time it will all be old hat, and we won't have to worry about it any more.


K so I know I haven't posted in like forever. Moving can do that to you. Just a brief update on what has happened since then.

We stayed with my parents for about 2 months.
Then we moved into our house. Yeah!
Then our baby came. Yep. That's right. Look at the next blog post for more info on that one.