Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Scooter is my two year old.  He is a very smiley, and happy kid, most of the time.  As we have been getting ready to move, he has proved to be one easily entertained.  As long as he can be near me, he finds something to play with.

Sometimes, it is that he comes across toy cars or blocks that got missed in the packing.  But a lot of the time he is using his imagination.  He often tells me "I a dinosaur"  or maybe it is a monkey, or a frog, rabbit, lion ect.  Then he goes on to act like such a creature.   And a lot of times it is, "I a baby dinosaur" or other creature.  And then he makes his baby voice into an even more baby voice and makes a crying type sound.  Then he lets me know I am the momma dinosaur, or what ever creature he is.  

He also likes to play with his hands.  He will personify each finger.  "This momma, this baby". Sometimes his dad and siblings make it into the list as well, but there is always mom and baby.  His fingers will then proceed to run around my shoulders and hide behind my neck, if I am holding him.  He also likes to pretend he is scared.

He has a stuffed pooh bear named "Poombee" and a stuffed Eyore named "Horsey". These are his favorite toys.  Poombee a bit more than Horsey.   Poombee has a floppy nose, where Scooter has chewed it so much that all the stuffing has come out.   Poombee sometimes goes every where with Scooter.    Lately Scooter will personify Poombee, holding out his paw to have him pick things up, clothes doors, or even pick out clothes.  

This last Sunday, Scooter didn't want to get dressed.  He wanted to stay in his "jams" or pajamas.  I held out two outfits for him to pick from.  Finally, Poombee picked an outfit.  Then Scooter proceeded to take the pants and try to put them on Poombee.  So I helped Scooter get Poombee dressed, then he let me get him in the other outfit.

He will also play with what ever he finds around.  Whether that is a bunch of plastic containers from the cupboard, a set of drawers in the garage, or even a permanent marker, I was foolish enough to leave where he could reach it, after labeling a box.  I am very thankful for magic eraser.  However, he could tell me exactly what he drew each time, before I cleaned it up.  A bird, and a baby airplane.  And if you looked closely at the scribble he made, you could see why he identified it as such.

Yes, Scooter is at a fun age.  I love him, and am very glad I have him as part of our family.