Thursday, May 27, 2010

Staying dry all night long

So Cinderella has been potty trained in the day time for about a year and a half, but she still has accidents at night.  So up until about a week ago she has been wearing a pull-up at night.  We ran out of pull-ups and I told her I wasn't going to buy any more.  Because as long as she had a pull-up on she made no effort to stay dry.

Since she has stopped wearing the pull-ups we have had an alarm set for 2:00 AM and we go in, wake her up, and help her go to the bathroom.  It has worked really well, and she has stayed dry all night.  Until last night.

Last night she came into my room at 1:30 wet.  We cleaned her up and she asked for a drink.  I was a little hesitant, but I also don't want my kids dehydrated, so I gave her a small one.  She came in again at 5:30, wet again.  I have given her drinks before in the night, after she has gone to the bathroom, and we didn't have any problems.  I don't think the drink she got before she went to bed, was any bigger than it usually is.  I don't know why it happened, but I would love any suggestions on helping kids stay dry through the night.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I am frustrated with Blogger

So if you take a look at my blog, you will probably notice that my cute pictures of my kids that were on the side are gone.  I removed them thinking I would easily be able to put them back.

When I try to edit the layout of my blog, it only shows me part of the layout.  The bottom part is cut off.  And there is no scroll bar.  Frustrating.  Well I got tired of my blog still looking like St. Patrick's Day, so I tried to change my background.  However that was on the bottom of my layout, so I couldn't get to it.  I removed the pictures to bring everything up, and was able to change my background.  But then I realized that the "Add New Elements button" must be at the bottom of the screen, where I can't get to it.  So I can't bring the pictures of my kids back.  Right now it is pretty frustrating to me.

We Like Books!

This is what I found my kids doing this morning.  I just couldn't resist taking  pictures.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Sorry I haven't been blogging much this year, I've been a bit busy.

My brother got married in March, and to help I made some of the outfits for the reception.

I made Aurora's dress and shrug. The other polka dot dress that my niece (one of the other babies) is wearing. Cinderella's shrug. My skirt, and my sister one of my sister's skirts.
Then I also made another shrug for Aurora, while I was trying to figure out the pattern before working on the satin.

I also made one other shrug for Aurora, and one for Cinderella in my practice run. Those ones however didn't match the dresses. Well at least not Aurora's. So I felt compelled to make them Easter dresses that matched those shrugs as well.

That wouldn't be that much sewing for some people. But I haven't really done that much sewing in that short a time before. And for me, it was a big task. I'm pleased with the job I did. And it didn't really stress me, that much. But it did keep me away from the computer.