Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kids rooms. A few changes.

The kids rooms haven't changed much, and I didn't take any pictures of their rooms (other than curtains) this go round because those rooms are not picture friendly right now.  But I will follow my lead and do before and after pictures with the last ones I took.

Girls Room



The only change I have done there is I updated the sheet at the window for some actual curtains.  They are too short, because I made them for the last house, but they are better than nothing.

Boy's Room


I have also updated the curtains in this room.  It just worked out that the fabric I bought to make curtains in the last house, but never did, was just the right size for these windows.

Master Bathroom

My master bathroom also didn't get a before shot.  However I haven't really done much with it.  It really needs some decor and color.

The pictures of the master bedroom were a little dark, but you might be able to tell I am trying to do a southwest theme in there.  I am hoping to kind of continue the theme into the bathroom with a little more of a TX flair.  
I found this bathroom set on Amazon.  I hope to get it, and build my decorating theme off of it.  Maybe some turquoise towels,  and some stars that I will paint and hang on the walls. Maybe some cowboy boots.  I'm not really sure.  Right now it is just all in my head, so who knows how it will turn out when it is done.

The Master Bedroom

I didn't take any before pictures of this room, so there is no comparison, except maybe in your imagination.  But you get to see how it looks right now.  This room really needs some work to get it how I want it, but it will happen.

 Right now, I have orange sheets tacked up over the windows, however I have ordered some chocolate brown ones to replace the orange.  
 This is my sewing corner.  The wall art, just kind of got put up there.  I don't like the formation, but I haven't changed it yet.

The School Room



Our time line.

The Study

I have 3 levels of pictures on this one.  Not a lot has changed between the 2nd group and 3rd, but there are a few small changes.  Can you find them?


Stage 2

Stage 3 (the now)

My Living room

Here are the before pictures of the living room. 

And here are the now pictures.  I really love my rug, I feel like it ties all of the room together.   I found it at