Friday, March 28, 2014

The New House

Sorry y'all I've been without internet for a while so it has taken me quite a while to post these.  All of these pictures were taken before our stuff showed up, and at the moment if I took pictures you would mostly see a lot of boxes, so I will try to take some as I get each room looking more like a home than a storage unit.

Street View

This is our homework/ creation/ game room
 From another angle

Living room
 and yet again

 Kitchen and Dining
 Under stair storage
 Downstairs hallway
 From another angle
 One more
 Our balcony
 the view from the balcony
 the balcony doors
 Girls bedroom
 from the other side
 boys room
 from the other side

Wow I just realized I didn't get any pictures of the master suit.  I guess you will just have to wait for those.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Moving week

The last week and a have have been crazy.  Wait make that the last 2 weeks. 

Two weeks ago the hubs left for job training in TX.  That left me and the kids home to get ready for the movers to show up.  Feeling overwhelmed with all that was on my plate, I asked my parents to keep Aurora and Spike for the week.  That way while Cinderella and Guy were at schol I would only have Scooters to worry about, and could get more done.

The kids and I then spent the weekend at  my parents home, and then  Cinderella,  Guy, Scooters and I got home Sunday evening.   When we got home the house was feeling a bit chilly,  I went and checked the thermostat,  only to find I had left the heater turned off all weekend long.  I turned it back on, then went about getting things unpacked from the weekend.   The furnace kicked on then started making a banging noise.  A minute later it turned off, and refused to turn back on.

So that night the 4 of us had a sleepover in my bed room,  Cinderella and Guy in sleeping bags on the floor, Scooters and I in the bed.  It was a cold night with not much sleep.  The next day I called a repair man, who came, looked at it, and told me he needed a new part, that he would have to order in from Denver.  If I was lucky, the furnace would be fixed by Wednesday.   So then I bought a space heater to warm my bedroom while we slept, I let Scooters take his naps in there, and while he slept I worked.  I worked hard all week trying to get things ready to be packed, and then tried to get out of the house after the kids got home from school, until it was time for bed, so we wouldn't be too cold.

Wednesday came and went, and the furnace still wasn't fixed.  Movers were scheduled to show up sometime between 8 and 10 Thursday morning and I felt no where near ready for them.  I got the kids to bed, then went to bed myself.   Then in the middle of the night after feeding Scooters I couldn't go back to sleep.  All I could think about was all that still needed to be done.  So I decided to get up and get to work.  I worked for a few hours went back to bed, got another hour of sleep.  Once the alarm went off I got the kids some breakfast and out the door to school.  At the same time the kids were leaving the movers were arriving.

I have not had full service movers before so this was a new experience.   Pretty much the goal was to stay out of their way and answer any questions they had.  My sister-in-law brought her kids over and kept me company,  we hung outnin the basement,  occasionally going to check on the movers progress, and do what cleaning could be done at this point.  Which about amounted to cleaning up breakfast.   Finally about mid day I called the furnace repair people again just to check the status on the part.  Sure enough it was in, they would send him out to fix the furnace.   A kind neighbor provided us with dinner that night, and the movers finished up around 6.

The next day the movers showed up again bright and early to load all our stuff into the truck.  This took them until about 2, when we finished up at the storage unit.  It then took me about an hour and a half to figure out how to load everything else into our car.  That in of itself was probably the most stressful part of my day.  Once that was done we loaded up and drove to my parents house. 

The plan was to spend the weekend there, some of the kids having a sleepover at their cousins,  Cinderella having a sleepover with her aunts, the hubs showing up late Saturday,  then hitting the road Monday morning.   Simple right?  Wrong.  All of those things did happen, but not quite so smoothly.   Cinderella got sick to her stomach Friday night and stayed sick all of Saturday too.  Guy got sick at his sleepover as well, but lucky for him, his was gone quickly.   Come Sunday morning the illness had hit me as well.  I was feeling better Momday and we started our journey.   However Tuesday morning the illness hit Aurora and the hubs.   Poor Aurora,  she was throwing up the whole day while we were traveling. Then come Wednesday,  Cinderella got hit again.  Thankfully by the time we rolled into town on Thursday I think we were all better.

While we were taking a week to cross half the country some developments were happening at our destination.  It turns out that our new home didn't appraise for the asking price.  The good news is our price got lowered, bad news is our interest rate went up.  It also meant that we had to re qualify for our loan.  That meant we had to sign more papers, which we could do electronically,  once we had wifi in a hotel.   Unfortunately for us our electronic signitures registered just after midnight on Thursday morning,  which meant instead of closing on Friday,  we couldn't close until Monday.   And we didn't find this out until Thursday afternoon, and there was some kind of convention in town this weekend,  and therefore places to stay were in short supply and high demand.  Thankfully the hubs had a distant relative in town that let us stay with his family.

So now the plan is to close Monday and move in on Tuesday.