Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My story lover

Today I was reading a book to Aurora, when she asked for another story.  I started singing to the tune of "Mary had a little lamb",  Aurora likes to have stories read, have stories read, have stories read, Aurora likes to have stories read,"  at this point she interrupted me still in tune, "no, no, no, no, no!"

"You don't?"  I asked.  "No!" she said, "I like to have them pink!"

Planting Roses

Last night as part of our family home evening lesson, we had a part where everyone needed to put a flower in a jar, so I had brought up some of my silk flowers.  After the lesson was over we could only find three of the flowers.  The other 3 had disappeared.

Then this morning I looked out the window and saw a purple rose bud.  "That's funny," I thought, "I don't have any purple roses.  "  Then I saw the red one, and then the blue one.  I had to laugh.  And then I remembered hearing Cinderella and Guy making some comment last night about planting roses.  

That's my kids.