Sunday, February 21, 2010

Silly Guy

I love watching my kids grow up. Guy is at a fun talking stage right now, and it is fun to see how his mind works right now.

One day he came up to his Daddy and me and said, "I don't have lots of thumbs on my hands." His dad replied "You don't?" "No, I have lots of fingers."

Guy also pronounces magnets as maggots. So he will ask if he can play with the "maggot" car. My husband one time was telling this to someone he was talking to on the phone. He then said, "I wonder if he will ask to play with Grandma's maggots when we go to her house." Guy heard this and replied, "Grandma doesn't have maggots!" I'll bet Grandma is glad she doesn't.

Aurora has started saying Uh Oh! lately. This has prompted Guy to also say it. Only instead of pronouncing it Uh Oh, he pronounces it, Oh Ko!

Guy has picked up an interest in dinosaurs lately. I purchased a little set of about ten dinosaur figurines, and they have become a favorite toy. These dinosaur's range in size from about an inch to maybe 5 inches high. Well this last week we borrowed a toy dinosaur from Grandma's house. This one is quite a bit larger than the others. One day Guy was looking for the largest of the small dinosaurs, and asked me, "Where is the big, huge, little dinosaur?"

My husband has been pruning our fruit trees lately, and one day when he was heading outside to do so, Guy looked at him and asked him if he was going to go break the trees.

This morning I told Guy we needed to do his hair. His response was, "I have a head because I am a boy." I think this means he doesn't have long hair. Well I told him, that yes he had a head, and it had hair on it.

Later we were sitting at the table and Cinderella started getting mad at her head for thinking about something she didn't want to think about. Guy then wrapped his arms around his head and said, "stop head, stop thinking of that!" Which was a repeat of his sisters comment. Cinderella then asked him what he was thinking of. His reply was, "I am thinking about....... my head. I have a head on my hair, because I'm a boy."

This afternoon Guy was asking me where the big dinosaur is. I told him I didn't know, and asked him if he knew where it was. "In the potty room." "The potty room?" I asked, "in the bathtub room." he replied. I then asked what it was doing in there. His reply, "It's not doing anything."

Last but not least, Guy has been getting his star vitamins again lately. However this bottle has a few that are broken in it. One day at breakfast, Guy was given one that had one of the tips broken off the star. When he picked it up, he turned and glared at Daddy and said, "Daddy ate part of my star!"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What do you want to eat?

So lately my husband has been thinking a lot about planting a garden. He has been asking different members of the family what they want to plant this year. Last year Guy chose carrots, watermelon and squash, and would like to do the same this year. Cinderella chose pumpkins, and corn on the cob. I think she would also like a repeat.

Well today I was making a menu for next week. I asked Guy what he would like to eat next week. His reply was "carrots." I asked him what he wanted with his carrots. His reply was "watermelon and squash."

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wipes and locks

So I order my wipes from Amazon. I was a little late this time, and ran out of wipes before the others showed up. I knew they had been shipped, but didn't know when they were coming. So I logged onto my account to see when they were scheduled to be delivered, so I would know if I needed to go to the store and buy more wipes or if I could survive with just the ones in my diaper bag.

Well Amazon told me they had been delivered. So I looked on my porch and they weren't there. I decided to get my shoes on and walk around the house and see if I could find the box. I had seen a UPS truck on my street this morning, so I was hoping that was it, and I could find it somewhere. Nope. Not in my front yard. Then I noticed a box on the porch across the street. I went and looked and sure enough it had my name on it.

So I pick it up and carry it home. I get to my front door, try to open it, and it is locked. And no I don't have my keys on me. It is 35 degrees out side, and I am wearing short sleeves, and no coat. My kids are in the house, but they are doing quiet time and Cinderella is the only one who knows how to open the door. So I ring the bell and pray that she hears me. She did, after I rang it lots of times. She looked out the window saw it was me and came to open the door. Then she noticed that the dead bolt wasn't locked, and tried to tell me through the door that it wasn't locked and I was being silly. Finally she opened the door.

Hmm. I need to be more careful about making sure the door isn't locked when I go out it seems.