Saturday, January 31, 2009


So for quite a while I have been emotionally struggling with being as far away from family as we are. I have longed to live close enough to them, that it doesn't take at least a weekend trip to see anyone. Well that dream is finally coming true.

My husband has been looking for a job since the beginning of the year, and was just given an offer with a company located in a city that is only a 40 min. drive from where my parents live. We are looking forward to moving closer to family.

Cinderella has been playing today that she is a Mommy, and I am the Grandma, and she brought her kids over to visit me, because they "live close to me." I can tell she is excited for this idea. She has also been asking for a while when we are going to move. One morning she asked if this was the day we were going to move to be by Grandma and Grandpa.

The kids and I will move at the beginning of March, and my husband will follow shortly there after. We will miss all of the good friends we have made in our current location, but we are excited for the opportunity to make new friends.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Preschool P

Not it wasn't my turn to teach preschool again this week. But thanks to a cold bug, Cinderella did get me for a teacher. She has been coughing all week, and Guy recently picked up the same cough, and has a runny nose. So I figured it probably wasn't just her asthma, and I didn't want to get others sick. So I told her we would do preschool at home.

The letter for the week is P. So we started the day talking about all kinds words that start with P. Anytime we came in contact with a P word we would say the word, and say, "that starts with P!" For example, we had pancakes for breakfast. So we talked about how pancakes starts with P.

It was really short notice, of course, so I didn't have a bunch of stuff planned, so we just had to wing it. When ever Cinderella showed some interest in doing something to do with Preschool, I would think of a P activity and we would do it. We were going to play princesses, but she decided she would rather look at books. But that is OK.

Our one big thing we did, is we painted with pudding. I made up a box of chocolate pudding, and let the kids paint with it. I put some of my grubby T-shirts on them, so I didn't have to worry too much about the mess. They also wanted to eat the pudding, so I gave them spoons as well.

Guy's method for painting was to take a spoonful of pudding, dump it on his paper, then grab it with his hand, and eat it. Then smear the remaining pudding around on the paper. He kept insisting he was painting a horse.

Cinderella I think was mostly just having fun, but hey isn't that what it was all about anyway. I think she painted 5 or 6 paintings. Guy kept getting upset when he would drop some pudding on his lap, but finally decided not to worry about it.
I painted one too. :)

And of course we finished the painting with a bath, that they loved as well.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Drink of Milk

So I guess Guy has decided lately that milk is his favorite drink to ask for. Usually he just gets water, no matter what he asks for. I only give the kids milk at snack or meals. But if he is thirsty he will come and ask for a "drink of milk".

Today he got thirsty right in the middle of Sacrament Meeting. (The meeting that is the preaching type meeting in our church). So he started searching through the diaper bag saying "drink of milk, drink of milk." I don't think I have packed drinks since the weather got cold, so I'm not sure what he thought he was going to find.

Then during lunch he was sitting his his chair singing to the tune of Jingle Bells, "Drink of milk, drink of milk, drink it all the way." He is such a silly boy.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Preschool Letter O

I taught letter O this week.

I have been a little stressed with preschool as of late, and I decided to not stress about it. I decided to not wait for everyone to show up before I start. I will start on time. If they are there on time, great! If not, I guess they might miss out on something but that isn't my fault.

I also planned this preschool a few weeks ahead of time. That way, I really didn't need to worry about it, until the day for it arrived. Other than doing some minor prep work.

Also in the past I have been trying to keep the activities towards the first hour, and playtime in the last hour. This time I decided to throw that schedule out the window. Figuratively of course.

I started by reading the story I had selected for this lesson. "My O sound box" by Jane Belk Moncure. By the time I was done with the story, all of my students had arrived.

We then traced our letter O. One of the girls had brought her breakfast with her, because she had been running late that morning. So I decided it was time to do snack time, so that she could have her breakfast and the other girls could eat as well.

For our snacks, I sliced up oranges. I cut them in wagon wheels, and then in half so they were half circles. One of the girls told me she didn't know how to eat her orange with a peel on it, and told me I needed to take the peel off. Instead of getting frustrated, I told her that was how I was serving it, and if she wanted me to I could show her how to eat it, but that was how she got it. OK so maybe not the nicest approach, but sometimes I bend over backward trying to be nice to my students, and all it does is stress me out, and get them to walk all over me. Yes I know they are 3 and four-year-olds, but hey, kids don't have to be very old to figure out they can walk all over an adult who will let them. Anyway, I'm getting off subject.

When the girls were done eating they wanted to go play. So I let them go play. The only rule, was if they were still eating, they had to stay at the table. We weren't taking food throughout the house. While the girls were playing I set up our next activity. The activity was doing an ocean dive. I had previously printed, and cut out various ocean critters. I then placed them on the floor and put a blue blanket on top of them. When it was all set up, I called the girls back, and they did their dive. They would take turns, going under the blanket, and pulling out a critter. They would then identify their critter to the group, and it would be the next child's turn. They seemed to really enjoy this game.

When they were done, I let them go play again. I then cleaned up the ocean, and got the next activity ready. Our craft. We made paper owls. It was a simple activity that I printed up online. The owl was made up of various shapes. I had cut out the smaller shapes, but let the kids cut out the 3 largest shapes. 2 ovals, and a triangle. At first the girls were complaining that they couldn't cut it perfectly. But I told them they didn't need to. They just needed to do their best. This way the owls they took home were really their owls, not the owls I made for them, because they felt like they couldn't do it perfectly. Once they were done cutting, they went and played again. I cleaned up all the paper scraps, and got the pieces ready for them to assemble. I then called them back again, and had them assemble their owls. When they were all done, they once again got to go play, and played pretty much until their mom's came for them. Other than the clean up time at the end.

Anyway, I'm not sure how much they learned, but overall I think they enjoyed their lessons, and had a good day. And I had a much less stressful preschool than some of the others I have taught.

Friday, January 23, 2009


So today I had a real scare. After we picked up Cinderella's glasses, I took the kids to the Children's Museum. We have a membership there and were in the area, so I thought it might be fun to go. We have been there several times in the past, but only one of them has been just me and the kids. Usually I go with a group, or meet up with at least one friend.

The one time I took the kids by myself, it was pretty empty, and wasn't a big deal. Today however was packed. I think there were one or more school groups there, as well as parents, like myself, who chose today to take their kids there.

We were having lots of fun, and my kids were playing in the water room. Cinderella decided she was done, and told me so. I told her to wait a minute while I got Guy. I then went to Guy, took his smock (they give you one to cover the kids clothes so that they don't get wet) off, and hung it up. Picked it up, and turned to go. At that point I realized that Cinderella had disappeared. I started calling her name, and Guy joined in the effort. There were so many people it was hard to tell if she was even in the same room as me. When I discerned that she wasn't I quickly moved to the area outside the water works. Unfortunately it is a large area, that branches off into several play areas. After a quick glance, I could tell she was no where to be seen.

At this point I am panicking, and repeating a prayer over and over in my head that the Lord will help me find my little girl. I was wishing I was there with someone, so we could at least split up to look for her. But I was all alone with Guy. I didn't even know where to start, because if I went the wrong way, I would be moving farther away from her. Finally I spotted someone who worked there, and told them I had lost my child. She asked for a description, and radioed for help. About a minute later, she finally spotted Cinderella across the room. I was so thankful to have found her. I made sure I offered up a prayer of gratitude, as I hurried across the room to where she was. We then made sure that both of us were clear on, when we wanted to move on, she needed to stay right by me, until I had Guy, and was holding her hand, so we wouldn't get separated.

I am so grateful that we were able to find her. But I think I have decided I am not going back unless I have my husband or at least one of my friends with their kids with us. It was too scary to lose a kid, and not know where to turn for help in finding her.

Oh and I thought I would include some cute pics from the museum. Enjoy


So I took Cinderella to get her glasses this morning. She was very excited. She told me that now everyone in the family except Guy has glasses. Of course that will change when Sleeping Beauty is born.

She looks really cute in her glasses, and it has been fun seeing the world through her changed perspective. For the first little bit, she had to point out all the things she was seeing that she couldn't see as clearly before. Like the houses as we drove past them. She also was noticing new things from our dinning room window. So fun.

I just need to work on getting her to leave them on all the time, and not set them down on the floor. I hope they can last a little while at least, before she breaks them for the first time.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Goldfish and Granola

What does the box of Goldfish crackers you get at Costco have in common with a box of Kirkland Signature Spiced Pecan Cereal? Other than both items are bought in bulk at Costco?

They contain foil bags which have the food items stored inside. I didn't notice this at first. Guy did. The first time we had the cereal on the table at breakfast, Guy kept asking for Goldfish. I couldn't figure it out, until I saw the silver bag sitting on the table.

However Guy isn't the only one to mistake the two bags. The other day, Daddy was getting the kids some cereal, when he grabbed what he thought was a bag of cereal, and poured it into Guy's bowl. Out came Goldfish. Yes, Guy was pretty disappointed when he didn't get to eat Goldfish for breakfast.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fog and Sunshine

So I grew up in a valley surrounded by mountains. One downside to this was in the winter time, sometimes we would get an inversion, having a warm air mass trap a cold air mass in the valley. When this would happen the pollutants would build up in the valley, because they couldn't escape. Well I don't know what they call it, when you live along a coast, but I can tell you it really isn't pretty. And we experienced it for a few days this week. It mostly just looks really foggy. Really dense in some places, not as much in others. But unfortunately it is more than fog. However yesterday morning it cleared.

Cinderella noticed it before I did. She looked out an open doorway, and said, "look blue sky!" I still didn't catch on. Then she said, "the gray is all gone." Then I realized why she thought the blue sky was so amazing. We were seeing the first blue sky we have seen in quite a while. Because before the fog, we have had a lot of gray rainy days. It has been so nice to see blue sky, and the temperatures have been a lot warmer too. It is kind of cray how it can feel like spring is coming when it is only January. But it has been nice.

A primary activity

So our primary (children's church group), had an activity yesterday. They have been announcing it for a few weeks. They called it a Family Fun Day, and invited each child to bring a family member with them. I guess when they announced it, they said you could bring a mom or dad, brother or sister, grandma or grandpa. Well Cinderella made the decision on her own, but didn't inform us of it, until I brought up the subject Friday night. She wanted Grandma to come with her.

OK, I wish we lived closer to family lately, and being pregnant I have been really emotional about it lately. More so than it really calls for. When she said that, I burst into tears. I felt so bad for her that I couldn't provide her with that option. Grandma just lives too far away. Then she said she wanted Grandpa. But both Grandpas were out of the question at that short of notice as well. When I told her this, she started crying as well. I don't know how much of her crying was because I was crying, and how much was because she was disappointed.

I appeased her by telling her I would go with her. We went to the activity. It was a bunch of fun. They planned this activity to resemble a family home evening. Something that members of our church are encouraged to do with their families every Monday night. They started by having a lesson, about families, and why we have been sent to families to take care of our needs and teach us the right way to act and be. Then we had game time.

We went to another room where they had some tables set up. They had the children sit at the tables and played the game "Don't Eat Pete!" For this game there was a playing card that had 9 faces on it. Each face had a different expression and was colored a different color. You then put something like a marshmallow or M&M on each face. Then you send someone out of the room. Everyone else picks which face is going to be Pete. Then the person returns to the room, and starts to take the candies off one by one. When they get to the one who is Pete, everyone yells "Don't Eat Pete!" and they have to stop collecting candies, but get to keep and eat all the ones they got up till that point.
After they played the game the got to make their own game board to take home so they can play the game with their families. They were also given a little baggie with some marshmallows and M&M's in it to play with.

Then they played an farm animal game. We were each given a piece of paper that had 5 squares on it. Each person would then pick a farm animal. It was OK if more than one person picked the same animal. They just couldn't be a rooster. They would then randomly pick 5 numbers between 1-20 and write them in the boxes. Then the game leader would call out numbers. If she called out a number you had written you would make your animals noise, and cross out your number. After all 5 of your numbers have been crossed out, you were supposed to make a rooster noise, and get up and flap your arms like rooster wings. Then you got a little prize. The prize they gave out was suckers.

After they played this game, they split the kids up into older and younger kids. The kids who turn 8 this year and older were one group, and the kids that turn 7 this year and younger were the other group. Then they let the kids have a "snowball fight" with bunched up socks for the snowballs and tables that had been turned on their sides as forts. That seemed to be a hit, and the kids enjoyed it.

After the snowball fight we finished up with treats. They gave us hot cocoa, and cinnamon pull apart bread. I think Cinderella had a lot of fun.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's all about the label

So last week I took Cinderella in to get some glasses ordered for her. Unfortunately the optical we went to had a really small selection of glasses that were the right size for her face, and the few they did have, didn't look very good on her face shape.

So the optical willingly ordered some pairs of glasses in for her to try. The lady who worked there looked through some catalogs with me, and we were able to come up with 3 pairs of glasses that had some potential. However for some reason they can't make children's glasses without attaching some pop merchandising label. So one pair was Fisher Price, one was Dora the Explorer, and one was Disney Princess. Well, of course Cinderella noticed what we were up to and knew about the labels attached to each pair.

The glasses were finally in on Friday and we went to take a look. The Fisher Price glasses were really cute on Cinderella, and if it had been my choice, they would be the ones we would have gotten. However, Cinderella just HAD to have the PRINCESS glasses. Thankfully those ones were cute on her as well, just not as cute as the other ones. But here is the catch. The Fisher Price ones were pink with hearts on the sides. The princess ones were red, had bows by the joints, and had sparkles on the sides. There were no pictures of princesses, no words that said princess, just the label. And so she had to have them.

We pick them up next Friday. I'll get a picture of her in them posted after we pick them up.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why didn't I think of this sooner?

So Guy has this frustrating quirk, where whenever he eats, what ever he eats a good percentage of it lands on the floor. Now this wouldn't be quite as frustrating if it wasn't for a couple of facts:
  • We live in an apartment with carpet in the dinning room.
  • I am pregnant, and large enough that it is kind of hard to bend over and crawl under the table.
To combat this issue, we have put another rug under our table to try to keep the carpet clean, and we have plastic mats that go under each of the kids chairs. This saves our carpet, but the floor still gets really disgusting. Well today I had an idea. It was such a simple, and good idea, I wondered why it took until today to think of it.

Last night Daddy cleaned up the large pieces that had accumulated under the table, but I hadn't really had a chance to vacuum the small stuff yet. I was having people come to my house today, so I wanted the floor to look nice, and was trying to figure out how to clean up his breakfast mess off the floor so I could vacuum. Then I had the thought, "why not have Guy clean it up." He is old enough to understand if I ask him to pick something up and put it on his plate. So I suddenly decided at breakfast today, to have the kids clean up after themselves.

Cinderella has done really well, with me giving her basic instructions on taking care of her different dishes. Guy has also done well. I have him gather up his food pieces that are scattered on the table, and then put them on his plate. Then I get him out of his chair, and have his pick up the large pieces off the floor, and put them on the plate. Then I have him help me carry the plate over to the sink. Today it has required a little more stooping and bending than my belly wants me to do, but that's OK. I think if I can stay consistent in this long enough, it will become a habit, and the majority of the problem will be taken care of. Hey, he may even decide he would rather not throw his food on the floor.


OK so I grew up living in the desert. Now the desert has it's downsides, but one upside to it, mold doesn't grow there quite the same as it does in a humid climate.

I was introduced to mold in our apartment in VA. It liked to grow on the ceiling above the shower. Now that was pretty gross, but at least in stayed in the bathroom.

Here, the mold is taking over my house, and driving me crazy. The worst part about it is, the only really effective way to clean up mold is with bleach. Now this wouldn't be too much of an issue, if it weren't for the fact, that because I am pregnant, I am advised to stay away from chemicals with high fumes. And unfortunately bleach fits into that category.

My husband has tried really hard to do his part to clean up the mold, but lets face it, with working he isn't home a whole lot, and when he is, he has lots of other things to do, that aren't cleaning up mold.

It started in just the window sills. That was the way it was last winter. It was nasty, but not too bad. For some reason however this winter it has spread like no other. I am finding it in window sills of course, but also corners of bedrooms, and closets. But the worst place is my bathroom. Because of the steam that builds up when someone showers in there, it is growing all over. It is in the window sill, it is on the blinds, it is in the corners, it is on the base board, it is all over the wall behind the toilet, it is growing in the medicine cabinet, along the wall above the shower, on the ceiling. And I wouldn't be surprised to find it other places as well in there.

Then yesterday while doing some cleaning I discovered it growing behind the bookcase in the living room. I could see it on the wall, and I am afraid it is growing on the book case too. But there is no way I can clean that out. Hopefully we don't end up with too much of our stuff damaged by mold by the time we move out of this place.

It just makes me wonder, where else is it growing that I haven't found it yet?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It is amazing to me all the things I take for granted that I know, that being a mom, and seeing the world through the eyes of a child have opened my eyes to.

Today I was taking my kids for a walk, and Cinderella noticed a tree stump, and wanted to know why that tree had been cut down. I told her that maybe the tree was sick, or maybe it was growing too big, or close to other trees. I forgot about the comment and moved along. A little while later she asked me if they cut the tree down to take it to the Dr. I told her you don't take trees to the Dr. when they get sick, you just cut them down. Now I know that there are people who sometimes come and look at sick plants to see if there can be anything done to save them, which I guess is like a tree Dr. but I didn't think of that at the time.

She then wanted to know what people do with a tree when they cut it down. I told her they cut it into pieces of wood and make things out of it. She said "like fires?" My response was that yes you can make fires from wood, but people also use wood to build things, like houses and furniture. By this time we were passing a sign that had a wooden post. I pointed to the post and told her how it was made out of wood. She then started thinking about all kinds of things that are made out of wood, as well as other materials. As we completed our walk, she would point to different things and ask if they were made out of wood. If they weren't I would then tell her what they were made of. I think she finally grasped the concept, because by the time we got home, she was able to point out different things in our home that are made out of wood.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pregnancy Profiles

It is amazing to me how much difference it can make in my pregnancy shape when it is my 3rd pregnancy compared to my first. Now I know I am carrying this child different than either of my others, but that compared with the weight that I have put on, since Cinderella, and having allready streched out quite a bit, it is interesting to see.
I thought I'd let you see the comparison as well.

This first picture was taken the day before Cinderella was born.

This second picture was taken today. Today I am officially 24 weeks. Aka 6 months 1 week.

The contrast in this picture wasn't the best, but if you look closely, you can tell that I stick out just as far if not farther. I can only imagine how big I will be when I am 9 months with this one.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

She's growing up

Cinderella is definitely growing up. It is kind of exciting to see new elements of her emerge, but at the same time, it is kind of sad to see my little girl disappear bit by bit.

Earlier today, I was watching some kids at a friends house, and I called home to ask my husband something. I spoke to Cinderella while I was on the phone, and she sounded like such a big girl. I was amazed at how I could pretty much understand everything she was saying.

Her latest thing is doing things without being asked. She gets great pleasure in doing things by herself, especially if no one asks her to. The other day I was making my bed, when she said her bed was a mess, then went to her room. I heard her say something about everything needing to come off, and I was afraid that by the time I got in there, she would have the whole thing stripped, and I would have to remake it. When I did get in there however, she was working really hard trying to tuck the sheet in. She looked at me pleased with herself, and said, I'm making my bed, and you didn't ask me to. Then Guy pointed to his bed, and said "mess". So I helped him make his. By the time we were done, Cinderella had her bed made. I have to admit, it didn't look as wrinkle free as it would have been had I helped her, but she had done it all by her self and was very pleased with her efforts. I applauded her efforts, and left it the way it was.

She has had the job of setting the table for meals for at least the last 6 months. She has insisted on help for a while, but recently she insists she can do it on her own. Right down to putting the food on the table. She gets quite upset if someone else puts anything on the table, unless there is a good reason, (it is too hot or heavy for her to carry).

She is definitely growing up.

Preschool Letter M

So I taught preschool again this week. We learned about the letter M and the number 9. I've had a hard time incorporating the numbers in the past with the limited attention span that the girls have. But I decided to try and sneak it in this time. I think it worked out well.

We started off tracing the letter M, and talking about the sound it makes. Then we made moose antlers. Taking brown construction paper, I made a head band for each girl (this was done prior to preschool). Then I had them trace their hands on brown construction paper. The girls didn't want to do it however, and I have noticed quite often when I try to get them to do crafts they don't always have the most enthusiasm. I wonder if I am trying to do things too advanced, or boring for their tastes.

We then played a letter M matching game, where the girls tried to match different cards that had pictures that started with M. They seemed to enjoy that game as well, but lost interest after they had found a couple matches.

For our snack we had muffins, and milk. And I worked in the number 9 by giving them 9 m&m's. They were very excited to see that the candy they got had the letter they were learning about on it. I also have invested in some foam numbers and letters. I let Cinderella and Guy play with them in the bath, but I decided to pull the numbers so that the girls could see actual 3D numbers, then we counted up to 9. Then I tried to explain to them that the 9 was like the 6, but upside down. They weren't getting it, so I thought quickly and came up with a little ditty. I told them that a 6 has an arm, and a 9 has a leg. Then I had them repeat it several times over for me. I then quizzed them various times throughout the rest of preschool, holding up the 6 and asking what it was, and holding up the 9 and asking what it was. They knew it each time. Cinderella even pointed out to me in one of her reading books later that day, that there were the ones with arms and legs. When I asked what she was talking about, she pointed to the 6 and said, "the six has an arm" then pointed to the 9, "and the 9 has a leg". So I guess this time my sneaking in the number worked pretty good.

Guy's words

OK so Guy's vocabulary has exploded recently. He knows so many words and tries to say those he doesn't know, when he hears you say them. I thought you might enjoy listening to him talk. I recorded him and me looking at a book together. The video is kind of long, but it was so cute I couldn't cut anything out of it. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Sometimes I have days where I feel like I am a terrible mommy. And unfortunately today was one of those days. Last night, Cinderella was really congested and having a hard time sleeping. As a result, she ended up in my bed with me, and her daddy ended up in her bed. Needless to say, none of the family got a really good nights sleep.
At some point in the night, I noticed I had a headache. I figured that I just needed more sleep, and my headache would go away. Maybe my lack of sleep was part of it, I don't know. But this morning when I got up, I didn't really notice my head hurting. But when I was looking at a book with Cinderella, I noticed spots in front of my eyes. Thinking I had probably looked at the light when I turned it on, or something like that I didn't give it much heed. Then when we went to get breakfast ready, I noticed that more of my vision was missing, kind of like I was blacking out, and my head was hurting again. I told my hubby I was going to lie down for a few minutes. Unfortunately that didn't help.

I took some Tylenol with breakfast, and thankfully by the time breakfast was over, my vision had cleared, but the headache was still persistent. After drinking lots of water, and eating some food, and waiting a few hours, the headache had dulled some, but was still there. I finally called my Dr.'s office. The nurse advised me to go to one of those blood pressure things you can find in grocery stores and check my blood pressure. The problem was, I wasn't sure exactly what stores around me have one of those, and I didn't want to drive with my headache. After calling some friends to see if they knew where I could find one, I discovered there is one at the grocery store just down the street from my house. But I still didn't feel up to driving so I put my venture off a while.

So my kids got a miserable excuse for a mom this morning, as I turned on a movie, and sat there with my eyes closed, and then snapped at them to go and play, when I was trying to get something to eat to see if it helped.

I took some more Tylenol with lunch, and then after quiet time ended, I still hadn't gotten a nap, and Guy was still sleeping. So I put on a movie for Cinderella, which thankfully she was content to watch on her own, and I took a nap, until Guy woke up. Once her movie was over, we headed to Albertsons to check Mommy's blood pressure. Which I am glad to say is still low. We happened to be there when my phone beeped that it was time for our afternoon snack. So I decided today warranted a special treat, and I took the kids to the bakery, and we got doughnuts. That has definitely made a difference in the day. I am glad we did it. I still have my headache. Hopefully it goes away before too long, but at least we are all a lot happier now.

Amazing what doughnuts can do isn't it?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Does anyone know how to fix a book binding?

We have a book that is one of Cinderella's favorites. We got it about a year and a half ago, and she has used it almost every quiet time since. It has gotten to the point where the pages are falling out of the binding in big segments. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good way to fix the binding of a book when something like that happens.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Do you see what I see?

I took Cinderella in for her 4 year old check up yesterday. As part of the routine check-up they also check her vision and hearing. For a while I have been wondering if she was having problems seeing. When I would turn on a movie, she would usually stand right in front of the computer screen. When I would ask her to sit down so that we can all see, she would respond that she couldn't see if she sat down. I didn't know however if she really couldn't see, or if she was just responding that way, because of my choice of words.

Both my husband and I wear glasses and have needed them since we were young children. So I knew that most likely sooner or later my children will probably all need corrective lenses too. When the nurse checked her eyes, she had Cinderella stand back by the door, and cover one eye. Then she stood across the room and held up an eye chart that looked like this one. Of course it was a lot bigger. Cinderella had no trouble discerning the boat at the top. And she kept calling the circle the next line down, an apple. She also doesn't know the name for a cross shape, so she kept calling that one an airplane. Other than that, she would get tripped up on pretty much all the lines after the first two.

The nurse came and showed her the chart up close, and asked her to name different shapes, to verify that Cinderella knew what they were. Cinderella knew the names of all the shapes (except the cross). After that Cinderella tried to remember what had been in certain places when she couldn't discern it. I could tell she couldn't see. And if she had no clue, she would turn to me and ask me what the shape was. Guy knew most of the shapes and wanted to shout them out. I had to try to keep him quiet so that Cinderella wasn't just listening to him.

When the Dr. came in he redid the chart, but didn't have her cover either eye. She still couldn't make out the shapes. The Dr. estimated that her vision is about 20/70 instead of the 20/40 that is average for her age. So now I get to take her in to an eye Dr. on Friday. We will see what that Dr. has to say. But I am guessing Cinderella is going to be getting glasses.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


So on New Years both Daddy and Guy got much needed haircuts. I'm glad I can cut it myself, but it can be a disadvantage to have to wait until I have the time. Oh well it saves on money, and they both look so handsome with their new do's.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Bedtime stories

On Christmas, the kids took their new stories to bed with them. They usually get to take one book to look at, if they are good for family scripture study and prayers. I went to tuck them in, and on an impulse pulled up one of their new little stools that goes with their table, and put it next to Cinderella's bed, and started to read her story to her. I then moved to Guy's bed and read his story to him.

That night I decided that maybe I should do this every night. So I have read them a story every night since Christmas. Some nights I just want to send them off to bed and be done with it, but I have found that if I take the time to read the story, I enjoy bedtime more, and they probably do too.

Things have changed a little bit since that first night. Now every night when I pull the stool next to Cinderella's bed and sit down, Guy brings his story and climbs up on my lap. I then read both stories to both kids, and tuck them both into bed.

I wish I could say this has helped Guy go to bed better, but it hasn't. But maybe one day it will. And for now, we are building memories.

There have even been many nights when I have been reading, with Guy sitting on my lap, that little Sleeping Beauty starts kicking and making her presence known. So I guess I read bedtime stories to my 3 kids each night.

Play dough

The other day, Cinderella was wanting to watch a movie. I have been trying to get her to not watch so many so I was suggesting other activities. I suggested play dough, and because we haven't played it in a while, she accepted my suggestion.

We took the play dough to the kids new table that is in their room. Cinderella tried to tell me that we couldn't do it there because it would make a mess. I told her making a mess is fine, if we clean up after our selves. And because Mama was going to play too, I would make sure it didn't make too much of a mess.

So we played with the play dough. At first Guy thought it was good to try to eat. After his first taste, and me telling him it was yucky however he decided maybe that wasn't such a good idea after all. When I showed him how to make a ball and smash it, he thought that was great fun. Then when I showed him how to make a hand print in the dough, he thought that was great. He pointed to the print and said, "Guy hand."

Cinderella had fun too. We made lots of snakes. We made snails, we made a flower, and a snowman (that was promptly smashed). We rolled balls, made hearts and just had lots of fun playing. I was reminded of the care free feeling of being a kid again. It maybe only lasted for 30 min. But hey 30 min. of being care free is worth it to me.

Hide and Seek

We have had really cold weather for this area that past couple of weeks. It has been hard for me. We don't really spend much time outside in the cooler weather, but we do try to go places.
However we live in a place that usually doesn't get much snow in the winter time. And this year, we got a lot (for here). I grew up in a place that has cold snowy winters, so it isn't a new thing for me. And I know how to drive in the snow.

However I was also blessed to grow up driving on roads that had been properly plowed, with studded snow tires. Unfortunately here I have neither. Put that together with a population that is more used to rain than snow, and don't have a lot of experience driving in the snow. I think I would rather stay home, if I can.

So in staying home, my kids and I have discovered the fun of playing inside. Cinderella and Guy have just recently discovered that they can play hide and seek just the two of them. It is so fun to watch. At first it was nothing like how you or I might play the game, but has slowly changed to more the way the traditional game goes.

Cinderella will start counting, while Guy does one of three things; hides where Cinderella hid last, stays right by her while she counts, or finds a spot to hide. Often times when she finishes counting, he will come running out saying "here he is." But sometimes he stays in his hiding spot until she finds him, then he squeals with glee. Then it is his turn to count. His counting usually goes like this; 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10. Then he goes running to find her. You can tell when he found her, because you will once again hear the squeal of glee. Sometimes I join them in their game. The other day, Cinderella came up to me and asked me to help her find Guy. We went into their bedroom, where I found him lying really still under her covers on her bed, with just his forehead sticking out. Another time he put his feet in a really small box, and then crouched over the top of the box, to hide. I have also found him lying on his stomach under the kitchen table, and under the table in the kids room. It is so fun to hear them play, and it is tons of fun to join them. My stamina for the game just doesn't last as long as their does.


Preschool has been a good thing for Cinderella and she is definitely enjoying it. We haven't had it as much recently because of the holidays. We got this week, and last week off because of the holidays. The week prior to that was the Christmas party, learning about the letter C. Unfortunately for Cinderella, she was sick, and had to stay home from that lesson. The week before that I taught about the letter T, but the two weeks prior to that, because of sick kids there was no preschool.

Cinderella has definitely missed going to school. She keeps asking me when preschool will start again. I keep telling her next week. Then she makes me count down the days till preschool. I'm glad she enjoys it so much, because it is a stress for me, and if it wasn't for Cinderella, I think I would stop doing it.

But I am willing to stress myself out, and spend time preparing for it, because I love my daughter.


Guy likes his ties. One day he came up to me with his tie, as it was about time for bed, and was asking me to put it on his "chin". Right general area of the body. Not bad for a 21 month old.

This morning he brought it to me again, saying "tie, tie" holding it up to the neck of his pajamas, so we put it on. He is such a funny boy.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Scripture Power

A few years ago the children in our church learned a song called Scripture Power. It didn't take long for this to become one of Cinderella's favorite songs. She wanted us to sing it every day before we did our family scripture study. We continue to sing it occasionally, but not as much.

The chorus to this song goes:

Scripture power keeps me safe from sin,
Scripture power is the power to win,
Every day I need,
the power that I get each time I read.

When the children learned this song they learned to hold their scriptures above their head every time they sang "Scripture Power".

Well this morning at breakfast I was stretching my hands above my head, and Cinderella did so as well. Well Guy looked over at us and said "Scripture Power."

Isn't it amazing the connections that little children can make?