Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hot Wheels

This morning Guy lost some toys in the car, so I was looking for them, while hunting, I found a bunch of other toys that had been left in the car on other occasions.  One of these toys was a little match box car.  Guy picked the car up, and said, "Mom, the wheels are cold, but they are supposed to be hot wheels."

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Crayon Rolls

There is a man I know by the name of John Colson.  John has had 2 different kidney transplants. The first one lasted about 7 years, and the second less than 2.  For the last 7 1/2 years he has been functioning  without a kidney, needing to do dialysis on a daily basis, just to function.  After having 2 transplants, getting a new one is tricky business, the likelihood of his body accepting the transplant is not very high.  However he is the father of 4 children, from 6- 16.  He's not ready to give up on life yet.   Thankfully his family has been able to locate a hospital that has the technology to  wipe out his immune system, and do the transplant.  The downside is that the said hospital is about 2 states away from where he lives.  To have the transplant he will have to travel there, and stay there for 3 months, not a costless venture.  In fact his family figures they will need between $20,000-$30,000 for the transplant and living costs, should he receive the call that he is next on the list, and they have a transplant for him.  This is in addition to what insurance will cover.

Due to this, some women that I know decided to do a string of fundraisers for the family to see if we can prolong John's life.  For the fundraiser, I had the inspiration to turn scrap fabric I have into something marketable.  Crayon Rolls.

I had someone ask me how to make them so that she could also make some to donate to the cause, and I decided to make the instructions into a blog post.

 For a roll that holds 8 standard size crayons, I cut a 7 1/4" square out of 2 fabrics and one out of interfacing.  I don't know if the interfacing is necessary, but it makes it stiffer and helps reinforce the stitching.   I have used both fusible and non-fusible interfacing, I prefer the fusible, but they both work.

I then put the 2 fabric squares right sides together, with the interfacing on the wrong side of one of the squares.

   I then put in a 1/2" seam, all the way around, except on the last side where I sew 2 3/4 down, leave a 2" gap then sew the last 2 3/4".  

Trim the corners down to the stitching.  

Then using the 2" gap, turn the square right side out, making sure the corners get turned all the way.  

Press again.  Cut 4" of elastic.  I have used both 1/4" & 1/2", both work well, it is just the scraps I have on hand.  Fold the elastic in half and sew ends together using a zigzag stitch. 

 Tuck the raw end of the elastic into the top of the gap in your square,  you can baste it in place if you like, but I never do.  Next do an edge stitch around the whole.  I forgot to do it on this one, but it gives it a much more finished appearance.  

   I then fold up the bottom of the square 2" so that the bottom meets the elastic, and sew the edges in place.

  Then measure 3/4" over and draw a strait line on the folded over piece, then measure 3/4" from that line and draw another line.  Continue this process until you reach the other edge.  There should be 8 spaces between the lines.  

Place a seam on each of your lines, creating 8 little pockets. 

 All done.  You now should have a roll that will hold 8 standard size crayons.