Sunday, September 14, 2014

Showing how things really are....

We live in  a world where there is a great online presence.  Everyone knows what is going on in everyone else's life right?  WRONG!  We only know what people show us, and then we feel incredibly critical of ourselves for not measuring up to all of the lives we see on the internet.  My messy house is one of those things I try to keep hidden from the world.  I admit, it isn't as messy as it could be, but sometimes it is really bad.  For this reason, I have held back posting pictures of my new home, because I want to wait until everything is perfect, which lets face it.  I am a mom of 5 kids, and we homeschool.  Is it ever really going to be perfect?  Probably not.  So I decided, after having a conversation with my mom yesterday, that I need to take pictures as is, and post them, so y'all know how we live, seeing as how many people who are near and dear to my heart, might only see where I live due to pictures that I post.

We did a little bit of straitening up, but there are still some places I am embarrassed about.  So please don't be critical of my lack of house keeping, but please stay tuned, as I post pictures of where I live.  I took a bunch yesterday, and hope to get some posts with them up later today.  It all depends on how cooperative some children are, if we actually get it done.


Rose said...

Anyone critical of your housekeeping needs a kick in the pants! Homeschooling 5 kiddos and keeping a tidy house is HARD!

Don't be fooled by the couple of times you've visited our house. If you would have opened any closed doors, stuff might have fallen on you. ;)

Jessica said...

I don't think there is any "lack of housekeeping" it's constant housekeeping with 5 sweet little tazmanian devils following you! Not that your kids are tazmanian devils, but if there are anything like my kids, it's a constant, constant, constant mess/clean/mess/clean/mess/clean. Still messy!