Thursday, May 27, 2010

Staying dry all night long

So Cinderella has been potty trained in the day time for about a year and a half, but she still has accidents at night.  So up until about a week ago she has been wearing a pull-up at night.  We ran out of pull-ups and I told her I wasn't going to buy any more.  Because as long as she had a pull-up on she made no effort to stay dry.

Since she has stopped wearing the pull-ups we have had an alarm set for 2:00 AM and we go in, wake her up, and help her go to the bathroom.  It has worked really well, and she has stayed dry all night.  Until last night.

Last night she came into my room at 1:30 wet.  We cleaned her up and she asked for a drink.  I was a little hesitant, but I also don't want my kids dehydrated, so I gave her a small one.  She came in again at 5:30, wet again.  I have given her drinks before in the night, after she has gone to the bathroom, and we didn't have any problems.  I don't think the drink she got before she went to bed, was any bigger than it usually is.  I don't know why it happened, but I would love any suggestions on helping kids stay dry through the night.


LaShaunna said...

I know how you feel. Emmma(who is going to be 5yrs this week) has started wetting the bed at night, every night. I think some kids just sleep really soundly and can't wake up. Emma is always really upset when it happens to her, and I too am at a loss of what to do. She use to be night time trained and had been for over a year. I've asked her dr. and she said sometimes anxiety can cause bedwetting, but that's just a guess. Good luck!

Rose said...

Does it bother her to wake up wet? And I agree with LaShaunna that some kids just sleep really soundly.

For our oldest children, we put them to bed naked! (Or at least without pants). Maybe that would work, maybe it wouldn't. Our kids were 4 and 3 when we did that less than a year ago.

One thing I would try as well, is having her help clean up. She's big enough to pull off the wet sheets and put them into the laundry. She's also big enough to help you put clean sheets on. If you're making her do this in the middle of the night (when she'd rather be sleeping), maybe she will be more aware of what her body does.

Best wishes!