Monday, June 14, 2010

There's a baby in my belly.

While this is an announcement of sorts, child number four will be joining our family sometime around the end of the year, this blog post is more about my children's reactions to this news.

One day, before I had told my children we would have a new baby but my waist was already starting to expand, Cinderella declared herself "Captain Diaper Change."  Of course something like that was too good to miss, so seeing as how Aurora needed a diaper change at the moment, I let her do the job.  She loved it so much she started claiming the right anytime a diaper needed to be changed. 

Currently we are working on potty training Guy, but he still wears pull-ups some of the time, and when he does a number in them, it is a big mess.  Anyway, Cinderella wanted to change him too.  I told her that probably only Mom or Dad should change Guy.  She then asked if she could only change Aurora's diapers.  I said "yeah, but when we have another baby in our family maybe you can help change it's diapers."  Her response to that was, "I hope there is one in there right now, because your tummy is getting big like there is one."

Well I didn't break the news to her at that point, but one day a few days later, we were having a girls sleep over at grandma's house while the boys  were at a fathers and sons outing.  I've been needing to take a progesterone supplement with this pregnancy, and I have been instructed to take it right before bed.  So Cinderella happened to still be up when I was getting ready for bed, and asked why I have to take medicine, and if all mommy's have to take medicine.  I then told her that I have a baby in my tummy.  She got a confused look on her face, and then said, "but you have a baby out!" 
"That's right, I do.  But I have one in too."
"You have a baby in and a baby out?!  Wow!  I hope it's a girl, what are we going to name it?......."  Yeah she was excited. 

Guy had a little bit different response.  He didn't say much immediately.  A few days later, we were all sitting at the table eating a meal, when Cinderella said something about the baby in mommy's belly.  Guy then responded with, "there is a baby in MY belly."  pulling up his shirt and sticking out his tummy.  I asked him if it was a big baby.  "It's a big baby, and it's a BOY. We are going to have lot's of babies in our family.  One of their names is Aurora, but I don't know the other's names."

Aurora of course hasn't really had any response, because she is still to little to know any different.  However her response in the end is the one I am the most concerned about.  She and her younger sibling will be about 20 months apart.  And she is a total mama's girl.  I don't think she is going to be too happy about another baby taking mom's attention.  Oh well I guess only time will tell.


Julie Baldwin said...

Congratulations! What is your due date?

Rose said...

Congratulations! That is exciting news! How fun to read about the kids' reactions!

As far as a 20-month reaction, our two older girls are 22 months apart, and the older one thought the younger one was a cool baby doll that moved. :) (Of course, different siblings react different ways, but just thought I'd let you know our experience)!

Nate and Angie said...

Congrats! When are you due?

Becky said...

That is great, I am happy for you!

Julie said...

I am due the 31st of December.

The Hills said...

Yeah for you! I'm still not ready to go for number four yet.

Jessica said...

Congrats Julie and Mike! That's awesome. I hope you're feeling well!