Saturday, June 26, 2010


So we bought this house a little over a year ago.  One of the things this house came with is some rose bushes in the back yard.  Last year with Aurora being born, and moving in in late spring, etc. Our roses didn't really receive any care. 

There where what looked like 3 bushes along the back of the house.

One right near the door that was just one little twig and got one or two blossoms last year.  Then the middle one had dark pink wild rose blossoms, and grew really tall.  Then the one on the other end is actually 2 planted close together.  One with light pink blossoms, and the other with white. 

Mid summer last year I pruned off the dead heads down to leaf sets of 5, as to the instructions I got from my mother, of how she cares for her roses, however they never bloomed again last year.

Well this spring, I wanted to make sure that I gave them the care they needed, so I consulted my mom as to what she does for her roses.  She told me she prunes them back to about 2-3 inches from the ground.  So that is what I did.  The one closest to the door appreciated the pruning and has grown quite a bit this year, but has yet to put out any blossoms. 

The wild rose has grown quite big again, and has finally started putting out blossoms again.  However I am slightly confused, I'll tell you why.  The first blossoms it has put out were the wild ones like last year,  but just this morning on a low branch I found some little pink rose buds, that as they are opening, don't look wild at all.
Light pink blossoms on middle bush.

The wild blossoms on the middle bush
Also my light pink rose bush, put out some blossoms that looked like what I expected them to look like, but then I also found this morning some dark pink, wild blossoms, like the bush next to it.
The wild looking blossoms on my light pink rose bush

If anyone knows more about roses than I do, and has any suggestions as to why my bushes are behaving this way, I would appreciate the insight.

Oh and yes I know there is morning glory all over my roses, I need to pull it out.  One step at a time.

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Becky said...

Roses are normally grafted to a wild rose root stock because they are more hardy than the pretty roses we like. sometimes the pretty rose gets pruned or dies down below the root stock and so the wild rose will take over and grow. Look at the bottom of your bush and you might see a knobby graft where the pretty roses are growing. When pruning make sure you don't cut below that knobby. Good luck, hopefully this helps.