Friday, April 5, 2013

Cute kids, and lots of work.

This morning I decided to tackle the pile of stuff that has been sitting on my couch all week.  I started picking things up and asking different children to take care of things.  Spike came up to me, "mama, mama!"  The only thing I could figure was that he wanted a job too, so I asked him to take care of some toy cars.  He was happy ro help.  I think it is so cute.

Also this morning, I was rocking Baby in his room, and Cinderella sat down to play the computer.   I had told her before she could play, she needed to do her bathroom chores, her bed needed to be made, her room needed to be clean, and the playroom needed to be picked up.  So she completed those tasks, and then sat down to play.  Guy and Aurora sat down beside her to watch.  I heard he hubs ask Guy if his room was clean.  I knew it wasn't, because he doesn't ever clean his room on his own, and I hadn't helped him today.  I didn't hear his response, but I decided to be a proactive mama, and instead of just yelling at him yo clean his room, I put Baby in his bed, went and called Guy away from the computer,  and took him to his room, and together we cleaned it up.

And I cleaned the bathrooms today.  Not to shabby of a day. 
Then tonight we spent some time with my brother's family.  Aurora is having a sleep over with her cousin.  She was so excited,  she had no qualms with saying goodbye to me when I left. 

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Rose said...

Good work today! :)