Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Potty training day 3

Today was better.   Tosay we worked on terminology.  We talked about things that are wet, and things that are dry.  When changing Baby's diaper I told Spike it was wet and squishy, and that wet and squishy diapers are uncomfortable.   He then pointed to his pull-up which had shortly before become wet and we talked about how it was wet, and then we changed it for a dry one.  We watched an episode pf Mr. Rogers where he talked about using the potty, and I could tell that Spike was making some connections.
I had a timer that would go off every 40 minutes reminding me to have him sit on the potty.   I told myself that as long as I could keep taking him there every time it rang, then I could keep putting pull-ups on him instead of underwear.   He did wear underwear for a little bit, because he wanted to, but after an accident we went back to pull-ups.

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Rose said...

The timer every 40 minutes seems like it's less of a hassle then round-the-clock potty time. I wish you continued success!