Monday, August 26, 2013

Screen Time

Today I discovered what it is really is that is making my life a bit more stressful lately.  It isn't the absence of my older children.  It is the fact that I am trying to not let the kids be babysat by screen time as much.

I need to set up some guidelines of when screen time is acceptable and stick with it.   For the younger children I think it will be acceptable during quiet time.  I haven't figured out what I am going to do for the older ones yet.  Right now I just make them have their homework and chores done before they play or watch.

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Rose said...

In our home, we have a rule of no movies before nap time, because it almost always leads to ornery behavior for the rest of the day. We make a very occasional (like maybe a handful of times per year) for holidays or when Mommy and Daddy have a super long to-do list that requires an electronic babysitter... but it's not that often. Perhaps if you think about why you want them to have less screen time, it'll help you figure out what guidelines work for your family.