Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A visit to the doctors office, and ice cream

If you think your child has pink eye and you call up our pediatricians office, they don't want to see your kid, they will just call in a prescription for eye drops for you.  Yesterday, I called and then went to pick up the prescription for Aurora.  The pharmacist told me it was on hold with the insurance because the copay was $75.  He asked if I still wanted it, and I decided that where I wasn't certain that her pink eye was bacterial I would pass and wait it out, before paying for expensive eye drops.

This morning I noticed that Aurora had a rash next to her eye, and another one by her mouth.  I asked her if her face itched and she said it did.  I asked where and she said all over.   Then later in the day she was complaining of being cold, so I had her sitting next to me, and we were reading stories.  Her hand felt kind of warm to me, so I went and got a thermometer, checked her temperature and it was up to 100.4 F.  So I gave her some Tylenol.  After each of these symptoms showed up I kept getting on line trying to figure out what could be going on, because I am not familiar with this line up.  Then she told me her stomach was hurting and she had a headache.  At this point I decided to call the pediatricians office and ask the nurse.  The nurse told me it could be strep and I better bring her in to get checked out.    So I took her in, and sure enough she has strep.  On the positive note however, the doctor says the red eyes aren't pink eye.  He isn't sure why she has red eyes right now, but it's not a contagious form of pink eye.  So once she has taken her $10 antibiotic for 24 hours, she won't be contagious anymore, and hopefully will be feeling better.

Tonight I took Guy for some Mommy/Guy time.  We went and bought some stuffed monster's with some of his fun money, and then went out for ice cream.

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