Saturday, July 20, 2013


For for a few months Spike and Guy have been without a bed.  They used to have a queen sized futon and frame, but were constantly jumping on it.  I was afraid they would ruin the frame, and so we took the frame away and just left them with a mattress on the floor.  The down side was that with the mattress being a futon mattress, that the boys figured out how to fold into a cave and crawl under and such.  Now this was great fun for them, but also dangerous.  Thus they lost the mattress as well.  So for a few months they have been sleeping on the floor with blankets and pillows.

The girls however had bunk beds, but lately have decided to sleep together in the same bed most nights.  So the hubs had an idea that we could give them the queen sized futon, that they can share and give the bunk beds to the boys.  So today we set about moving beds.  

When I started moving the first mattress from the girls room to the boys room, Spike saw what I was doing and got VERY excited.  He followed me in, and by the time I brought the second mattress in, he had the first one arranged on the floor and was putting pillows and blankets on it.

While putting the beds together, we discovered that one of the nuts had broken, I was concerned about the stability of the bed without the nut, seeing as how it was on the bottom bunk.  The hubs wasn't too concerned, but agreed to humor me, and we set up the beds as twin beds instead of bunks.  Guy was disappointed that the beds weren't bunks, but I told him he he could prove to be responsible with his bed, then maybe sometime later we can make them into bunk beds.

Later in the day, after the boys had had their baths and were in there pj's, Spike was having a melt down.  The hubs decided to just leave both boys in their room, for the time being.  The boys were being quite wild in there, and when the hubs went to check on them found that they had pulled all the bedding of one of the beds, as well as the mattress.  He about carted off the bed there and then, but after we talked about it, we decided to talk about it with the boys and then give them another chance.  We will see how they do.

The girls on the other hand, Cinderella seems to love her new bed, but Aurora isn't too keen on the idea of having to sleep with Cinderella., only time will tell how that one will end up.

Here is a picture of how the girls room looks now.  The hubs took it for me, and we didn't have the idea of taking the pictures until after the boys had destroyed their beds again, so I don't have any pictures of their room.

The hubs also took an updated picture of my garden that we are working on.  He spent the day working on the irrigation for me.  Isn't he great?

And this last picture is of Baby.  He is now 6 months old.  Crazy.

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