Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Random ramblings

Today Guy came home from school with a coupon for a local fun center.  He read it and then convinced himself that when Dad got home from work today they would go.  He showed the coupon to Dad, and then promptly went and put his shoes on and headed for the door.  He was quite disappointed when he found out he couldn't go today.  We will have to take him sometime before the coupon expires.

Baby is going through a growth spurt lately.   He has a day where he eats a lot, then sleeps a lot.  Today was a sleep day, which is noce for me, in that I get a lot done.

I can tell that my children are ready ro be out of school for the summer.  They are in no hurry to go to bed.

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Corinne said...

I am surprised how old Baby looks now! He's really growing fast!

I love that Guy just assumed he would get to go to the fun center with hid dad. That proves what a great job you guys do to foster wholesome recreation. There's no doubt that your kids have plenty of opportunities for adventure. It's awesome that they just trust you to do fun things together. I hope to be able to be like that with my own kids.