Sunday, May 19, 2013

Leaving on a jet plane.....

Today was the last Sunday before my sister leaves on her mission.  On Wednesday she enters the MTC, and then 2 weeks later she flies out to West Virginia.  We spent the day at my parents house enjoying time with my family, especially my sister who I am going to miss a lot.  I grew a lot closer to her in the 3 months that she spent at my house helping me with my kids.  I know that going on a mission will be good for her, but she will be missed.

This leads me into my next goal.  For the next 18 months, I plan to take at least 1 picture of each of my children once a week.  It could be a picture with more than one kid, or it could be 5 separate pictures, but I am going to pull out my camera, and capture the memories that we are making so that I can send some pictures to my sis each week, while she is on her mission.

As a plus for y'all you will get to see more pictures as well, because I will upload them on here (at least some of them), so that I can be accountable to myself for doing this.

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Rose said...

Wow, that's a hefty goal! Sometimes I'm good about getting out the camera, but I'm TERRIBLE about getting them onto the computer. I wish you success!