Monday, May 20, 2013

Running around with my hair on fire.

The hubs has a phrase he uses for when things are crazy and chaotic at work.   He says every one is running around with their hair on fire.   Well, it doesn't just happen in the software industry,  it happens at home too, and  this morning was one of those days. 
To start off we had a busy weekend.   So busy in fact, that we didn't remember to clean up after ourselves.   The sink was buried in dishes,  there were crumbs all over table top, chairs and floor, the living room was cluttered,  the children had strewn toys around the house, there was laundry in all stages of needing to be taken care of, plus all the regular stuff that needed to be taken care of (feed children,  get them ready for school,  feed a baby.....)  We finished breakfast and the hubs had left for work, Baby woke up and started crying.  So I told Cinderella to get ready for school, and went to take care of baby.  While I was up in his room feeding him , I could hear the kids in the living room, and while I couldn't see them, I could easily guess that they were most likely doing something I wouldn't choose for them to do.  Sure enough, I came down stairs to all of the cushions from the couch piled high, and the couch covered in pillows, blankets,  and toys.  I am trying to be not to strict so I told them to clean up when they are done.  As soon as I leave the room to go start cleaning the kitchen, I hear Cinderella say, "Okay she's gone now!"  I turn around to find Cinderella climbing to the top of the pile of cushions.   I asked if they thought I was stupid.  Told them what they are doing isn't safe, and said they had 5 minutes to have it cleaned up.  I then set the timer, and went back to cleaning the kitchen.   For Cinderella's credit, she was trying to  clean it up.  Guy and Aurora however were fighting against her.  After the 5 minutes were up, I had all the kids sit down, and I calmly told them if they want to have fun this summer, they need to help around the house.   If they leave it all for me, I won't have time to get things ready  for us to have a fun summer.  I need them to clean up after themselves, and help me, or we will just have a boring summer, where we spend all of our time working.
Spike is very attached to me lately.   He is constantly pulling or pushing on my legs and demanding that I pick him up.  This makes it hard to get much done, especially when baby is wanting to be held too.
He is also quite whiny too.  I felt like I was trying to work around him, and baby, and get things done.  Plus I was still trying to get Guy ready  for school, before his ride came, and I couldn't find his shoes.  I kept asking him to find his shoes,  but he kept playing.  Spike decides the kitchen floor is gross, so he gets the broom and starts sweeping it, which makes me smile.  So I take a minute out of my shoe hunt to take a picture.

I then go back to  hunting all over the house and can't find them anywhere.   Finally his ride shows up, and we still don't have his shoes.  So I get him hos flip-flops and tell him he will have to wear them, and have cold toes.  I take his socks off, and shove his flip-flops on his feet.  He starts crying, says he knows where his shoes are, and pulls them out of the coat closet.  So I take his shoes socks and him out to his ride, and tell him he can put them on in the car.
I go back inside to baby crying, Spike whining,  and Aurora asking me what she can do. 
I decide that Spike needs a nap, so I go to put him down for one only to find that his bedding isn't in his room, because the kids had been playing with it this morning.   At this point I put Baby on his crib, Spike down on the floor, go into the bathroom, lock the door, and scream.  Then I am good.  I go back out, calmly find Spike's bedding,  put him in his room,  close the door, then go and help Aurora do her jobs, then get her started3 playing the computer, then go and take care of baby again.  And while feeding him I took the time to write this.  That is my crazy day so far, and it is only 10:30 in the morning.

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Corinne said...

Haha! That is incredible! Way to go not strangling any of them. Man.

My mom does the same bathroom scream. She says she always does it while looking at herself in the mirror so she can then laugh at how funny she looks. She says that alone has saved each of our necks countless times.

On another note- I have to once again point out how similar our boys look. I did a double take and am still not entirely convinced its not my son you found sweeping your kitchen floors.