Sunday, June 2, 2013

My makeup girls

Cinderella decided today she would do makeup on her and Aurora.

Do you like her handy work?  I am glad it was her "play" makeup and not mine.

Now an ethical question for y'all.

If you have a child with a cough, or more correctly all of your children have a yucky sounding cough, but that seems to be the only symptom they have, do you take them out in public or keep them home?  

And if you do take them into public do you only go to out door places where there is not so much close contact?  Or do you send them to places like church and school, where the germs are likely to be spread?

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Rose said...

We have that cough. I think it's allergies in our house. I took one kid to the doctor, and the doc said he checked out good! So without any other symptoms, I just assume it's allergies and send them to school, church, etc...