Monday, June 17, 2013

Job tags, Pony Rides, and Hugs

I created some new job tags  for the kids.  They have each job on a card, then the cards are put inside ID holders, and hung on a lanyard, that they can wear around their neck.  Guy and Spike really loved this idea, and took off with it.  Cinderella enjoyed it as well, but I'm not sure what Aurora thought.  I think she might have been tired or not feeling well today, she was rather moody, and spent a bunch of time just laying around.

Today I took the kids back to the same farm we went to last week.  Guy had been disappointed  that he didn't get to do some things, so he wanted to go again.

The kids played in the "dairy area"
 And rode a pony/horse ride.

 Spike and Cinderella really were enjoying themselves.  Don't let their facial expressions fool you.

I later got some pictures of Spike "saying 'Hi Baby!'"
In this first picture he is showing Baby his new job tag necklace.
 This picture is how he says "Hi Baby!"  This is one of his favorite things to do, and his older siblings usually try and "save" Baby when ever they see Spike heading that way.

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