Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Things Kids Say

A few weeks ago I was picking up Aurora from her preschool.  She got into the car, said "Hi," to me and Scooter, and then she said "hi," to Spike.  Then Spike responded, "Me not Spike! Me Guy!"  This repeated every time she would say "Hi, Spike."  Then finally she said, "Hi Guy,"  to which he responded, "Me not Guy!  Me Gogo."

Last week after I made her lunch one day, Aurora said to me, "Thanks, your a cute little mom."

Another day she told me I am the best mom ever.

Tonight Aurora and Guy were having pretend phone conversations with some of their cousins. (The cousins were just being imagined.)   And one child would be talking on the phone, and the other would come up and try and yell over the other one into the phone, to the cousin "they" were talking to.  The response would then be, "I haven't shut it down yet, your talking to the wrong person."   I never thought of ending a phone call as shutting it down.

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