Sunday, September 15, 2013

And the toys went goodbye!

So tonight I found myself feeling frustrated with my children.  Guy and Aurora were playing in the yard and it was time to come inside.  I asked them nicely to come it, to which they just ignored me and kept on playing.   Normally at this point I would go out there yelling, and drag them into the house.  I didn't want to do that, however, because i know that is not how the Savior would have me act.     So I took a minute, and then I went out there, asked them to come inside again.  This time they started giving me the excuse that they couldn't get off their swings, so they couldn't come in.

I then kindly helped them off their swings and into the house.  I then asked them to get in their PJ's.  They told me "no!" then proceeded to go downstairs.  I had a few things that I had brought in from the yard that I needed to take care of, so I took care of those items and then went to find the kids.  They were down hiding in Aurora's room, trying to block the door so that I couldn't come it.   I got the door open, found Guy, put him over my shoulder and started carrying him up the stairs.  The hubs saw me at this point and took Guy to finish getting PJ's on.  I then went back down, cornered Aurora and helped her into her PJ's.  

Then as I was going back upstairs, I passed the mess of the playroom.  Not only was it a mess of toys, but they had also dumped out my laundry basket, so there were socks all over the floor, and someone had left uncapped glitter glue on the floor.  Lets just say, the laundry that had been clean now has glitter glue on it.  And my laundry basket was filled with toys.   By this point I felt like if I asked them to clean up they would just tell me no again, and I didn't want to deal with that.  So I just went and grabbed a few garbage bags, went back down and started putting the toys in.  I got the toys all cleaned up.  The glitter glue and markers that were left on the floor are thrown away.  I am not sure what will happen to all of those toys yet.

The kids did ask what they can do to get their toys back.  I told them if they keep the family room, and their bedrooms clean for a week, they can have some toys back.   We will see how this goes.

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