Thursday, January 13, 2011

"How am I supposed to sleep with a crying child?"

So Cinderella and Guy share a bedroom.  They have bunk beds.  Cinderella is on the top, Guy is on the bottom.  Cinderella knows that because she has school in the morning, that she needs sleep, and most nights wants to sleep.  Guy, however has an aversion to sleep.  Every night, it is a battle to get him to go to bed.  He will play with toys, he will read books, he will follow you around the house, he will keep getting out of bed and turning on the light, etc.  As you may imagine, this makes it difficult for Cinderella to sleep, and as an end result causes conflict.

The other night, after my husband put them to bed, I heard Guy crying.  I asked my husband if he knew what the matter was, and he told me it was that Guy didn't want to go to bed.  No surprise there.  Shortly there after, Cinderella came and found us, and asked Daddy if he could keep Guy up for a while so she could get to sleep.  Daddy then responded that he had tried.  Guy had asked for his horse, Daddy had given it to him, and then Guy went back down stairs crying.   I told Cinderella to just ignore him and try to go to sleep.  She then turned to us and simply asked, "How am I supposed to sleep with a crying child?"


Jillian said...

What an awesome girl. Love it!

Rose said...

Hahaha... too funny...

How comfortable would you be putting Aurora on the bottom bunk? We did that with our 2-year old a few months after she turned 2. I don't know if she'll sleep any better than Guy!