Friday, January 21, 2011

The Shirt

So I bought my husband a long sleeve white button up shirt for Christmas.  However, I was unsure of what sleeve length he needed, so I just guessed.  After I got home, I checked his other shirts and realized I had bought one with sleeves too long.  However I didn't take the time to exchange it for one that was the right size, and just gave it to him as is, figuring we could return it after Christmas, and he could pick out one on his own, and then we would know it was the right size.
So after he opened his presents, the shirt sat on a box in our bedroom waiting to be returned to the store.  Well one day Cinderella came along, and not knowing that we needed to return the shirt proceeded to remove the tags, and stickers from the shirt.  When I realized what she was doing I explained to her that the shirt was too big for Daddy and that is why the shirt had been sitting there, and told her, "Now we can't return it to the store."
"That's OK, she replied.  "We can just put it into a box for him, until he grows into it."

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