Thursday, January 27, 2011


So this evening, before his bath, I gave Guy a haircut.  After the bath, when his daddy was helping him get in his pajamas, his dad called him spike.  Guy commented that his name isn't spike, and then a little later, the kids noticed that Buddy's hair also stood up, and someone suggested that we could call him spike.
After this Aurora, turned to the baby and said, "Hi pike! Hi pike"  So we decided that from here on out Buddy shall now be called Spike, at least on the blog.


Rose said...

Hahaha cute. By the way, I LOVE the photo of the 4 of your kids at the top of your blog!!! It makes me really want to see you all again!!!

İlknur Yamak said...

Çok güzeller, Allah bağışlasın.