Saturday, November 2, 2013

Wipe out

Today I was feeling somewhat stressed because of the kids, so I left them with the hubs and went for a bike ride.  I had a nice ride, and my legs were definitely feeling exercised,   when I headed back home.  I was probably about half a mile from home, riding along the sidewalk, when  I swerved slightly to get around a tree that was blocking my path, and leaned a bit too far to my left side. Down I went, off the sidewalk and onto my side on the road.  I skinned up my palms, bruised my knees, and sprained some of my toes on my right foot.  My bike also got kind of bent out of shape.   The front wheel turned so that it wasn't in line with the handle bars anymore.   I figured it was probably fixable,  but not rideable in its present state.   I was able to get back up and hobble back home trying to steer a crooked bike.  Finally when I was almost home I saw a neighbor who helped me straighten it back up.  I will probably be sore for a few days, but I am greatfull that I wasn't more hurt.

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