Monday, August 31, 2009

Favorite August Pictures

My little bably who grows so fast.

So Sleeping Beauty turned 4 months old yesterday. And she is getting big.

We have had a few days here and there that have been cooler, and so I have been trying to get a few outfits that are warmer clothes, so that we are prepared for when the weather gets cold. I was at Costco last week, and noticed they had their cooler weather clothes out. I have also noticed that this Costco sells out of the smaller sizes pretty quickly. So I bought about 7 outfits and 3 PJ's for Sleeping Beauty. I debated what size to get, because she grows so fast. A couple weeks ago she had reached the point where she could only wear the larger 3-6 month size clothes and the smaller 6-9. The brand I was looking at was Carters, which I sometimes find their sizes confusing. A few months ago, I had bought 4 long sleeved rompers in the 9 month size, which weight wise is 6-9 month sizing. When I got home, and compared them to the clothes I already had, I realized they were really 12 month size. Anyway so the other day, I was debating what size to buy. I picked up some 6 month size stuff, and held it up to her. It looked like it was bigger than she was. I then fished a undershirt out of my diaper bag, that was the size that she was growing out of and held it up to the size of the shirt I was looking at. The shirt I was looking at was a good amount larger. So I decided to go with the 6 month size. One of the outfits I had bought was a short sleeved/long pants outfit, and I put it on her today. When I was fastening it up, I had to stretch the shirt to get it to snap over the crotch. So then I was wondering if it was just that outfit. Nope, that one is the same size as all the other ones I bought. I then laid one of the rompers I had bought a while ago next to her on the floor, and it wasn't a whole lot larger than she is.

I don't mind her growing, and I think I have plenty of 12 month cooler weather clothes from when Cinderella was in that size, so I should be OK. I'm just frustrated that I bought, and laundered quite a few cooler weather outfits, that are really cute, that she quite possibly won't ever be able to wear.

So how do you know what size of clothes to get for the next season when you are shopping for babies? I never know when a growth spurt is going to hit.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Our new car

Out of the mouths of babes

Guy is always saying the funniest things. Here a just few of his latest ones.

The other day we were singing a song that goes:
"If you chance to meet a frown, do not let it stay, quickly turn it upside down and smile that frown away." This is a song that the kids sing at church. Often times there, they have a paper that has a face with a frowny face, and if you turn it upside down the face is smiling. Well Guy turned to me and said, "I can't turn my head upside down."

We were having dinner the other night, and Guy took a bite of his food before his dad could blow it. He turned to his dad with tears in his eyes and said, "I burnt my face off."

One day while driving in the car, Cinderella and Guy got in a disagreement. Cinderella got mad and told Guy that he was the "meanest Guy in the world." His reply was "I not in the world, I's in the car."


Preschool started this week, and Cinderella was so excited. We put her in one that is in a neighborhood near ours, close enough for us to walk. She wanted to walk, not ride on the stroller. This was a big thing for her, because she always wants to ride. She told me "I'm a big girl now."

Notice how Guy is wearing a backpack too? He wanted to have his on, when he saw her put hers on. Cinderella skipped and jumped the whole way there. When we got there she didn't even look back. She just said, "Have a nice day," and ran into her school.

It's so crazy to think she is growing up.

Sleeping Beauty

I find it interesting how different children can be from each other in just the little things.

Both Cinderella and Guy as babies HATED being on their tummies much at first. In fact they didn't get much tummy time because they disliked it so much. But once they learned how to roll from back to front, I would make them stay on their tummies more. Eventually they got to the point that they liked being on their tummies so much that they would roll over in their cribs and sleep on their tummy. I know you are told not to let your baby sleep on their tummy, but once they can roll their themselves, what can you really do about it?

Well Sleeping Beauty, has never really disliked being on her tummy, other than once her neck would get tired of holding her head up. However now that she has learned how to roll over, both ways, she spends most of her time on her back. She even scoots around the floor on her back.

I don't think she knows what she is doing. She is just moving her body, especially when she is mad. Then she really scoots. I wonder some times if once she realizes she can get somewhere doing that, if she is going to scoot on her back instead of crawl.

I keep putting her on her tummy, but she will roll onto her back. I think she is really eager to sit up. She has been trying to sit up for the past month and a half. And she can hold her self up for maybe about 2 seconds. I know not long, but how many almost 4 month olds can do that?

I just love watching my children discover new things.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Silly boy

So the other day Guy had a colander and was banging around in the kitchen while I was making dinner. Suddenly after one bang he started crying. I asked him, "Guy, did you hurt yourself?"

His response was, "Not myself, my head."

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Favorite July Pictures

Sorry they are a little late. But here are my favorite pics from July.