Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guy's first talk

In our church we have a children's class called Primary.  In this children's class the children all meet together for an hour, where there is a lesson taught, gospel songs are taught, and children are given turns to give talks.

Guy was asked to give his first talk this last Sunday.  We were given a few choices of what he could talk about, and when I asked him which one he wanted to talk about  he choice, "Why am I here?"  Or why are we here on Earth.

So I asked him, "Why are you here on earth?"
"Because Jesus made the Earth."
"Did we come here to get a body."
"Did we come here to learn how to make good choices?"
"Some people make bad choices. They didn't get a body."
"Your right the people who made the bad choice to follow Satan didn't get a body, but we made a good choice huh?  So we have a body."
"Are you glad you have a body?"
"Are you glad you are here on Earth?"

So I combined the information from that conversation into a talk for him.  When I wrote it he wanted to make sure I put "Why am I here?" on it. So I wrote it at the top.
 Then on Sunday, he couldn't wait to give his talk.  Before the meeting was even started he was out of his seat, and climbing the steps behind the podium.

When it came time to give his talk, I went up to help him.  He climbed the steps, and stood behind the microphone.  He is so short his head was barely visible above the top.  And he was a good 5 inches away from the microphone.

He started his talk by yelling, "Why am I here?"  Which gave my husband the impression that he was wondering why he was up there giving the talk.  The rest of the talk, he had a hard time being loud enough for, but he said it, and did a good job.

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