Friday, March 18, 2011

To be known by name

This might not be that uncommon, but to me it touched me so I thought I'd write about it.

Every morning when I drop Cinderella off at school, she has a cross walk where she needs to cross, in the lane where the buses go.  There is usually one of the office aids there to guide kids across.  Every morning this aid says good morning to Cinderella.  A few times it looked to me as if she even said Cinderella's name, but I wasn't sure.  Well this morning when I dropped Cinderella off, there was a garbage truck coming down that lane, so the aid was standing on the side, and when Cinderella got out of the car I heard the aid say, "Cinderella, stand here by me until the truck passes."

It really touched me to hear an office aid say my daughters name.  She doesn't have to know my daughter.  She isn't her teacher.  There are a lot of kids who go to that school.  My child isn't a trouble student who spends all of her time in the office.  So chances are, that aid knows most of those students names.  I think it is awesome that she would take the effort to get to know my child, and know her by name.

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Kathy said...

That is so cool. When I was in Elementary we had the Safety Patrol (6th graders that would help everyone cross at the cross walk) and I had one who would always learn the kids names. Plus she would give the kids goodies on their birthday. It always made me feel special.