Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What's your favorite color?

Lately we have been working with Cinderella on praying. I have started talking to her about what we are going to say in our prayers before we pray.
One day I asked her, "What do you want to talk to Heavenly Father about?"
She told me, "Books, movies, people, and Kwala."
"Is there anything you want to ask Him?"
"What's Your favorite color?"
So we talked about all the colors in nature and about what colors we thought he might really like. It can be a fun learning experience for me too, when I try to teach my children about the gospel.

Tornado Guy

Please note: All pictures included in this post were taken during a reenactment. No people or animals were harmed in this filming. Also I apologize, we don't have sound capabilities yet. Also the reenactment wasn't quite as dramatic as the original, but it was cute so I put it in. Hope you enjoy.

One day Cinderella and I were going to play people. We sat down on the floor and started getting it all set up to play. I opened the barn and started putting animals in their stalls. I then took the animals that wouldn't fit in the barn and made a corral for them with some of her peices. I had no sooner gotten the corral set up when her comes Tornado Guy. He has just realized that we are playing without him. How dare we.

He grabs hold of the fence, and all of a sudden the animals were set free. Wow that was quite the event. You should have seen the turkey's, rabbits, ducks, and pig running free all over little people territory. When Cinderella and I finally got them corralled again, we decided to let them be for a while and take the kids to the playground.

No sooner did we have kids sliding down slides than Tornado Guy made his appearance again. First he tore the flag of the top, then he detached the swings and ended up turning the whole playground on it's side. I don't think anyone was hurt, but one of the kids did end up near the barn, where the tornado struck next.

Before we knew it, animals were out of stalls, and finding themselves moved to the loft. However that position didn't last long before the tornado completely turned the barn over and went on his merry way.

Needless to say I think Guy was having a ball, but I don't think Cinderella liked having peices snatched out of her hand, and all of her toys smashed and scattered.

I am now starting to understand why sometimes I hear, "Guy those are my people, I don't want you right now!"

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My impatient little man

So this morning I was putting Guy into his high chair for breakfast. He would not sit down, I couldn't figure out what the problem was. Take a look at this picture.

Did you notice the package of crackers on the table? Well Guy did. He was hungry. He saw food and so he wanted it. He was trying as hard as he could to reach the package of crackers so that he could get one. It wasn't until he succeeded in doing so and I gave him a cracker that he willingly sat down in his chair.
My Guy has been impatient from day one. That is part of why he never breastfed. He didn't want to have to wait for the milk to come when he could just have a bottle and have it right there instantly.
He started crawling before he was 6 months old, and now is on the verge of walking.
I think he could walk if he wasn't so impatient, he wants to get going the second he is standing up, instead of waiting till he has his balance.
I'm sure he will learn patience as he grows, but I have a guess that that will be a major struggle in his life.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Who really knows?

So Cinderella is now 3 and Guy Smiley is 9 months old. So this means it is time for a well child check up. I decided to save some time and do both kids at the same time. It worked quite well.
So I started asking the Doctor the questions that I had.
First I asked him "So babies aren't supposed to have milk products before they are a year old right?" (This questions was comming from information that I got from WIC when Cinderella was a baby.) The Doc looked at me as if I had just sprung a second head. "Where did you hear that? Of course they can have milk products, baby formula is cow's milk. Yogurt is one of the protein foods we most recommend. You can give him soft cheeses like Macaroni and cheese you just don't want him to choke."
OK so I know that different Doctors have different opinions but have they changed their mind that much in the last 2- 2 1/2 years?
When we lived in Virginia, Cin came down with a bad case of hives one day. I remember taking her into the doctor, I think it was for something else, and while I was there asking about the hives. This doctor asked me if she had any new foods recently; citrus, eggs, nuts, etc. I told her no, but realized later that we had grapefruit juice. So we decided that Cin was possibly allergic to grapefruit. The hives stuck around for 2-3 weeks so we didn't want to try it again and find out. So yesterday I asked our current doctor about it, and if he would recommend trying her on it again. He told me that hives are usually not related to food allergies. And then told me how to do a skin test, to see if it is an allergy.
So how do you know what is correct medically, when each doctor has their own opinion and what they tell you is very much flavored because of their opinion? Are there really answers out there? Or is it all just educated guessing?

My Kids Chrismas Clothes

So did I get their clothes finished in time?
Cinderella's dress minus buttons and buttonholes.
Guy- Store bought pants, I made the shirt and tie, however I didn't get a vest done. His shirt was also minus buttons and buttonholes. I took a day after Christmas and got the buttonholes and buttons put on both their outfits. Actually my mom took pity on me and put half of the buttons on. Thanks Mom. Oh and I also made Cinderella's hair bows.