Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Meal Suggestions Anyone?

As we recently purchased our new home we opted to not go with a home warranty.  The home appeared to be in great shape, and the home inspector didn't find any major issues.  I speak now with one from experience, go with the home warranty.

Since we moved in we have had issues with the garbage disposal and plumbing under the kitchen sink, bathroom plumbing, part of the dishwasher broke, and the oven went out on us.  All of those things would have been covered by the home warranty.   However on the plus side, if you will I was able to get a new stove that is what I want in a stove, not just what came with the house.

Yesterday when my stove was to be installed we learned that the way the gas line was plumbed, the installers couldn't install my new stove.  I have got the gas line fixed, but unfortunately they can't come back until Friday to install the new unit.  It is sitting in my garage, we could possibly get it dragged up to the kitchen and install it ourselves, but then we void the warranty and have a non working unit we would have to dispose of.  If I wait until then they will take care of all that for me.  I think I should wait.

Up until yesterday my stove top worked, and so I just worked around no oven.  However with the new gas plumbing it isn't a simple hookup to the old stove any more.  So I am needing ideas for meals that don't require the stove or oven.  I don't really want to resort to sandwiches and cold cereal.

I do have a crock-pot, and a power pressure cooker (similar to an Instant Pot).  I could work with those.  However I find that when I am constrained it is harder to come up with ideas.  So I am asking for suggestions.

What meals/ recipes would you suggest that can be made either without cooking at all, or can be completely cooked with just using a crock-pot and or Instant Pot?

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