Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Your room is messy

Today Guy was making a "town" in our family room.  I asked him to please take them downstairs to the playroom to play with them.  He then told me that there wasn't room down there because it was too messy.  So I told him that "Gunny Bag" was going to come and clean up down there if he didn't.  Aurora just got a dollhouse for her birthday a few days ago, and when she heard me say "gunny bag" she grabbed her dollhouse, and said, "I don't want this broken.  Can you help me carry this upstairs?"  So I asked her if she wanted it to go in her bedroom.  Guy took this as Aurora's way of saying that she didn't' want to clean it up, and if it was in her room it could be messy.

A few hours later I reminded Guy that "gunny bag" is coming, and if he doesn't want his toys to disappear he had better clean them up.  To which he responded, "I want to keep them in my room."  I told him he can only keep them in his room if he can keep them cleaned up.  Then I asked if his room was messy or clean.  "Messy" he said.  Then Aurora said, "my room is messy.  Your room is messy.  But there isn't anything on Daddy's side."

Guess I better clean my room too.