Sunday, March 15, 2009


So ever since Guy was born we had him share a room with Cinderella. There were times that it was a little inconvenient, and one would wake the other up in the night. But for the most part they adjusted and we had little problem. Until now.

We have moved out of our apartment, and are staying with my parents. Cinderella is on a twin size bed, that is against the wall. And Guy is on a trundle bed, on it's lowest setting, right next to the twin. So part of the problem is probably proximity.

Every night since we got here, I have had to put the kids to bed at different times from each other, because if I don't Guy won't let Cinderella go to sleep. The first night we were here, Cinderella came out to tell me that Guy was crying to keep her awake, and then he would grab her arm and pull her from her bed, to his, to the floor. So that night I started keeping Guy up until Cinderella was asleep. Then I would put him to bed, and she would just sleep through his crying. Well I kept doing this every night, because when ever I tried to put them both down at the same time, they wouldn't go to sleep.

The down side is that Guy isn't getting enough sleep. He is striking on naps. Plus my nephew needs that room to take his naps, so I don't feel right putting Guy down when he probably won't sleep, and keeping my nephew, who would most likely sleep, up. He stays up late, and is up early in the morning. So tonight I am trying a different approach. I put Guy to bed, and put Cinderella in my bed. After Guy settles down, I'll try and get Cinderella moved to her bed. Hopefully this will get them both down at a decent time. I just hope that it works and that I can get Cinderella moved.

Only time will tell.

So here is my question. We haven't found a house yet. But I want to get a house that has at least 2 other bedrooms on the same floor as the master. Who shares a room with who? If you were me would you put Cinderella and Guy together and leave Sleeping Beauty on her own? Or put the girls together, and leave Guy by himself? Or put Guy and Sleeping Beauty together and let Cinderella have her own room?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My little monkey

So Guy is a climber. He really enjoys climbing. He looks for anything to climb on and does. I am constantly telling him to get off the table, or off a chair, off Cinderella's bed, off a toy, etc.

Lately, he has really enjoyed that because I was packing up, he had many more things to climb on. We moved all of the toys out of our "playroom" so that we could stack boxes in that room. Most of the toys were then put in the living room. We had taken our bookcase that was in that room, and emptied it of books. It also looked like it had mold growing behind it, so we took the wall anchor out, and moved it away from the wall to verify, and to see if it had mold on it too. Yes, there was mold on the wall, but thankfully not on the bookcase. My husband cleaned up the mold, and then we turned the bookcase on it's side. I didn't want it to fall over on anyone. When it was standing up it was over 6 feet high. On it's side it was about 3 feet high. We then stacked the toys on the side of the bookcase. Later the kids were playing too much with the table in their room, instead of going to bed, so it was moved to the living room as well.

So what did my monkey do? He would constantly climb onto one of the sitting stools that goes with the table, then move to the table, and reach on top of the bookcase, and pull what ever box of toys he wanted to play with. Most of the time they would fall to the floor, but occasionally they would end up on the table, and he would then sit on the table and play with toys. Then there were the few times that he would actually climb over on top of the bookcase. It made me very glad we had turned it on its side.

I wouldn't be surprised to see him on top of the refrigerator some day, but I hope that day never comes.

Back in the saddle again.

So the kids and I have now moved. We are staying with my parents until we have a house. My husband is working for one more week, and doing all of the wrap up packing, and cleaning. We tried to get as much done before I left so that he doesn't have too much to do. I am really grateful to not have to worry about it anymore.

But now I get the fun job of house hunting. I am excited, but praying it doesn't wear me out. And hoping that I can find something before too long. I like being with my family, but am looking forward to being on our own again.